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Life has knocked you flat on your butt and you are searching for answers; you’re looking for ways to live life better than ever before; you’re tired of the guilt, shame, and excess baggage you’ve carried around for years? Get ready to read these two amazing books with “To God be the Glory–The Manifested Glory of God: The Breakthrough” being written by author Regina Mixon with contributions from new authors: Courtney N. Williams, Roz Roberts. If you read nothing else, please read the Chapter: Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way and learn from those we share. Be proactive instead of reactive, that is, unless you want to butt your heads up against the same brick walls as we did and learn the hard way.


Women Waiting to Exhale: You Have Permission to Exhale” is an anthology written by authors: Courtney N. Williams, Felonesecia L. West, Kinedia Brown-Diggs, Lattreta White, Raven N. Hunter, Regina Mixon, Roz Roberts and Tiffany Washington.

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Read what one reader had to say about it–

Let me begin by saying what, Women Waiting to Exhale: You Have Permission, is not. It’s not your Wednesday evening prayer meeting and it’s not a blind lady conquers Mt. Everest. It’s real, gut wrenching stories, relatable tales, babies having babies and men siphoned off to the streets to hit the pipe. It’s about overcoming the DNA that wants to push you into making the same mistakes over and over again.
Each chapter has a wonderful introduction by Regina G Mixon, a brief bio of who the next voice will be and a grateful nod to their family. Then it’s a quick dive into each of these varied women’s lives. And their stories shine light on the things most of us keep in the shadows, sexual assaults, failed relationships, divorce and poor parenting. These brave women face their fears and usually with a bible in their hands.
And these are God without action bares no fruit gals. They pummel you with a force and it’s pushing you to forgive yourself, learn to love yourself and that’s a big first step toward the final result which is, the storm will end, things will be okay. Give it some time and you can accept that death, learn from the mistakes of a failed relationship and move beyond the divorce. Many of those physical problems will be resolved. The problem child that you helped create will settle down. Your special needs child will improve. In understanding Gods perfection in creation one’s self esteem is lifted in recognizing the uniqueness and beauty not just inside but outside as well.
I recommend this book to anyone who needs a little fixing, a nudge toward improving your relationship with yourself as well as with God. Reading this book was a pleasure.
Richard A. DeVall

“Sometimes you just have to take a good hard look at the past, light a match, toss it over your shoulder and boldly declare…It Is FINISHED!” Give YOURSELF permission to EXHALE!!!

If you are really and truly ready to see your life change in some positive ways, order your copies today at Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Playster, 24Symbols, Scribd, or Overdrive.





Believe in Yourself2

Really? Did you even have to ask this question? YES! YES! YES! You definitely need to promote yourself and the works you are doing. In fact, you should be the biggest promoter of you and your works!

Many authors are disappointed when working with a publisher to get their books in print. I’ve heard it time and time again…The publisher did nothing for me. Let me let you in on a little secret: Unless you have a contract with the publisher to promote, market and distribute your book to include their fees for service as well as the percentage each party will receive, the publisher has no obligation or responsibility to promote your book.

Business owners find themselves extremely upset as their family members, friends, and associates do not distribute information regarding their business. Do yourself a favor, get over it! Promote you and your works.

How do you promote your business and your works?

  1. Join groups that allow you to share what you do on their social media pages. Reciprocate by allowing others to share on your social media sites.
  2. First things first, get established on social media sites–Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and on and on and on. There are many out there. Use them!
  3. Attend events and have your products with you. If you have no products so to speak, at least have professionally done business cards, postcards, and/or flyers that you can hand out to those you meet and greet.
  4. Have a 30 – 60 second elevator pitch prepared well in advance. Practice it until you perfect it. Imagine yourself enclosed in an elevator for 30 seconds with someone. What would you say to the person as a way of introducing you and your business or products?
  5. Be a vendor at various events. Enlarge your territory by supporting others in business by being a vendor.
  6. Take out inexpensive ads in various newspapers, radio, and even TV. Believe me, there are some out there that can be affordable.
  7. Always be ready to go when the opportunity presents itself. Of course, it’s humanly impossible to attend all functions, but get out there, let your presence be made known: Work it, work it, work it!
  8. Remain humble, teachable, listen a lot, learn from those that have gone before you doing what you aspire to do and follow your coach’s advice. In order to get somewhere you have never been, you must be willing to do some things you’ve never done. As you learn, network, grow and venture out…PROMOTE YOURSELF and soon you will find that others are promoting you as well.
  9. Never forget to express gratitude to those that do promote you or open doors for you. Remember, no one has to do anything for another. It’s only the goodness of that person and the grace of God. Acknowledge them for what they do.

These are just a few ways to promote your works. Hopefully they will get you fired up and either on track or back on track in promoting the works you’ve done.

One last tidbit, always be ready to help promote others in whatever way you possibly can. This has a two-fold recompense: it helps you as with the other party.

Wishing all a great week filled with loads of love, tons of blessings, great health and peace that surpasses all understanding!

7 Tips for Aspiring Authors

I share with you in this article a few of the things I’ve learned on this journey of becoming an author. These are invaluable and hopefully will help you as you begin to pursue your passion of becoming a published author.

1. Develop your story line. Invest the time in attending a writer’s workshop if necessary. Adilah Barnes does one in both the Atlanta and Los Angeles area. I believe when writing fiction this may be a great route to take.

2. Develop your target market–Age, gender, demographics, etc.

3. Before approaching a publisher or even self-publishing, have a marketing plan in place, i.e., your target market, how will you promote your book—social media, newspapers, radio, TV, book clubs, book signings, partner sites, etc. Be as specific as possible. Know your targeted audience as well as have a plan as to how YOU are going to promote your book. No one can promote you like you!

4. Count up the cost. Make contact with those you desire to promote your book with and find out the cost. Establish a budget. Counting up the cost includes the investment of your time as it relates to the writing and promoting of your book. When counting the cost as it relates to time, DO NOT sacrifice spending time with your family. It is not worth it. Count up the cost financially. Count up the cost and then add some extra time and money into your total. Believe me, it is a wise thing to do.

5. Join groups on social media sites—author’s, book clubs, book stores, etc. Read and learn from them of their plight in publishing, promoting and marketing their books. Read of the successes and failures and learn from them. Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter all afford one the opportunity to do so.

6. Start promoting your book at least 6 months in advance of its release date. Consistently keep something as it relates to your book out there during this period. Create a blog. Set up your Facebook page. Get your website up-and-running. Be sure to purchase your own domain name. That way YOU are the owner. Partner with others and promote your books on their sites. Spread the word by telling family and friends. Encourage pre-orders. First week’s sales are crucial for any new author. Get the word out! Don’t let your book be the best kept secret out there.

7. If using a mainstream publisher, know that no small publisher can assure one of a bestseller. Read through your contract to see what exactly the publisher is offering. See if your contract deals with or has anything in it as it relates to promoting and marketing your book. If it does, know what all is provided. If not, remember you can negotiate anything. Royalties vary from publisher to publisher. Check with several before making a decision. Know what you are getting before signing on the dotted line and if you don’t know, have an attorney or legal adviser go over it with you to get full understanding.

Keep in mind mainstream publishers do receive a percentage of all book sales, often a larger percentage than the author as they put up all money up-front. This is a business for you as well as them. Again, be informed—know what you’re getting.
Know that the best person to aggressively promote and market your product is YOU! Establish your brand.

You can make your dream a reality. It takes lots of work– staying focused, discipline, determination, sacrifice, tenacity, networking, patience– but it can be done.

Stay tuned for more tidbits on how to write, promote, and market your book. Cheering you on!