I Almost let go! I almost quit! Regina

Today I encourage you to keep moving forward in pursuit of your purpose and passion regardless of what life throws at you!

I encourage you to trust in the God that gave you the visions and dreams and believe that even though it’s taking or has taken a long time and you see very few results, keep forging ahead. It will pay off and you WILL begin to see the MANIFESTATIONS if you stay the course and do not quit.

Imagine starting something more than 16 years ago and only now beginning to see what was promised; what was prayed for and what was worked for! In sixteen years you know there have been a lot of challenges; a lot of losses; a lot of falling down; a lot of getting back up; a lot of mocking and ridicules…but when you know that you know that you know that God has placed something inside of you and it’s like fire shut up in your bones (Translation: It just doesn’t go way: you just can’t shake it.), the only option one has is to continue doing whatever they can and trust God to bring the rest to fruition.

I won’t bore you today with long discourse: I will just simply say again what was stated earlier: DO NOT GIVE UP! The good news is if it’s taken years, you are a lot closer now than you’ve ever been before.

The good news is that God is faithful!

The good news is you, as a visionary, although considered perhaps strange by some, are in the company of many great men and women that have gone before you. They too believed, worked, prayed, trusted in God,  and waited. I know, waiting is the hard part BUT you can do it!

I almost let go! I almost gave up! I almost quit! Today, I am extremely glad I didn’t and you will be too!

Anything built on a solid foundation and worth having; anything that lasts is worth the wait. In doing so, your gifts are being used to touch and change your life in positive ways as well as the lives of others and extending to the next generation. Legacy builders!!!


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