Teamwork makes the dream work

The same basic principles and core values apply when working with a team to accomplish purpose as with those of an individual. With the exception, that it takes the DECISION, COMMITMENT, COUNTING UP THE COST, DENYING OF SELF, INVESTMENT, WORKING and WAITING of ALL involved. It takes collaboration and partnership!

I’ll start this with my own personal story. Keep in mind this is my experience but also may be yours.

My Journey

Many years ago, as I started planning, developing, honing my skills, growing; as I pursued the visions and dreams for God’s Storehouse Ministries and REGS Books, I invited many in to be a part of the vision. Granted, although with some it may have been premature, yet I shared the vision and dreams with hopes of being a blessing to many others while praying that people would “catch” the vision and run with it.

The vision was plainly written, detailing services each organization would provide and shared with so many. There were many that came along at various stages and volunteered their assistance, some donated financially while others invested their time, yet it’s taken years for the manifestation to fully come about.

There were many that gave lip service.

I realized that even though this was my dream and vision to bless many through the services offered, I literally was running myself ragged. Neglecting my family, neglecting my health, investing my personal finances to the point where I placed myself as with my immediate family in some very precarious situations, assisting in the caretaking of an elderly family member, inviting people to come in yet they sometimes showed up and sometimes not. (Most often it was the latter.)

I opened an office, invited many to a grand opening, asked people to serve on the Board of Director’s for God’s Storehouse Ministries as with the Advisory Board for Regina Mixon Enterprises dba REGS Books Publishing (formerly REGS Books LLC). No committed takers.

While working a full-time job, I put in another 40 hours a week growing, learning, writing, falling down, getting back up…oh yeah begging and pleading with people to get on board. (David said “I was young and now I am old, yet I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging bread.” Why was I begging people to help me to help them to help others? I didn’t know my worth plus I had to get to the point to where I was willing to stand alone: I had to get to the point of fully obeying the calling.)

Keep in mind, I share this not as a means of putting anyone on blast as I am truly appreciative to all those that did as with those that didn’t. I learned a lot because of each group and I honestly can say I am truly grateful.

I paid some people to do jobs that they never did and had no qualms about not having done so. I didn’t pay a few people that actually did jobs until…well later…much later.

No real financial donations came in for God’s Storehouse Ministries over the years yet many services provided. The highest outside amount ever received in any year has been less than $5,000. Too many verbal broken promises.

I tried to “SHOW” people that I am a team player as I attempted to partner with many. In most cases, it was not reciprocated. In a few cases it was.

I found that it was more of a “What can you do for me?” kind of relationship as opposed to the round table meetings taking place and discussing what can we do for each other.

I joined groups, letting the leaders know in advance in most cases, that I was limited in my involvement but would support as best as I could. I fully understand the importance of commitment. Our yes should be yes and our no should be no.

I paid for events that I could not attend. Why? Exhausted coupled with the fact that often I had no one willing to attend and assist me. Add to that limited finances that would not allow me to pay for an assistant.

Did I let people down from time to time? Oh Yes! Exhaustion overtook me many times to the point to where I could not fulfill my commitments. Feeling guilty, hurt and let down, I beat myself up.

It dawned on me sometimes later (actually years ago) that even though I was learning all of these things as the visionary for the company, it was not and is not God’s will for any one person to do. There is not anywhere found “I” in TEAM. 95% of the work done by one person nor the investing nor the sacrificing and neglecting oneself… It was totally out of order.

I sacrificed great relationships. I gave above and beyond the tithe!

Notice in these writings, there is absolutely too much “I” in here.

So now that I’ve shared that, the question I ask of you is: What Impact Does Teamwork Have on Manifestations? The answer is without a functional team, a dream is just a dream; a dream is delayed.

When you are building a church or business or organization that’s about community, or living in a house with other adults, it takes the cooperation and commitment of all parties involved to make it work. A house divided against itself shall not stand. Each person should understand their roles, the importance each plays and know that without the DECISION to make it happen, the COMMITMENT to the cause, the COUNTING UP THE COST, the WORKING together to see manifestations, the WAITING and the DENYING SELF in some situations, the house/organization is Destined to Fail.

God placed us all here with many different gifts and talents so that we could complete each other’s visions and dreams, not compete with each other or anyone for that matter. One person should not do all of the administrative work, the bookkeeping, the pick up and delivery of items, the taking of tons of classes, the writing of books, selecting books for publication, be responsible for paying all of the bills, cleaning the house, buying the food, cooking the food, adrress auto issues, etc., etc.. Not when there are other adults involved.

I know nothing about computers, or very little. I know nothing or very little about printers. Heck, most times I can’t even figure out my cell phones features!

What Impact Does Teamwork Have on Manifestations and having a house/group/organization/church stand? With a FUNCTIONING TEAM, the house/group/organization/church is DESTINED TO WIN!

Can one fully plan and execute an event or operate any of these without a willing and functional team? No!

What’s the consequences of not having a team? The house/group/organization/church will not stand. God is a God of order!

Having said all of this, I conclude this with this…What’s Gonna Work? Teamwork!!! Let’s get it in order and watch the hand of God move in miraculous ways. Forget yesterday. Today is a new day and a new beginning.

Just like I am tired, there are so many others out there who need your hands, your gifts, your talents, your resources. Your churches, your businesses, your ministries, your schools, your local non-profits all need your help!

I’m getting some rest now (and lots of it) as I have some personal goals to accomplish like–

  1. Getting out of debt (Yep)
  2. Losing weight
  3. Breaking free from some habits that are unhealthy
  4. Reevaluating and reassessing some relationships
  5. Getting my book to the editor

Yeah, I’ve got work to do. I’ve got to clean up some messes I’ve made so that I can start my life afresh! Excited!!!

Oh and I will still work, wait, and do whatever else I can as God leads. You see, He is not a man that He should lie and I know He’s sending my REAL TEAM PLAYERS in! (Maybe I’ve had some of them all along and they just were not ready…Either way…IT’S Time NOW!)

Love you ALL to LIFE! And I do love and appreciate each and everyone that has come on at various times throughout this journey. I could not have done what I’ve done without your assistance. Now it’s just time for ALL of us to come TOGETHER!

Next week’s topic: Market Analysis: Assessing Whether or Not There is a Need for Your Services