What’s the secret? Why is it some people succeed or see manifestations of what they say in their lives while other’s don’t? Allow me to give you 7 keys that assures one of seeing manifestations.

  1. Decide. Everything starts with a decision. Regardless of what you desire to see manifest in your life, you first must DECIDE that you want it.
  2. Count Up the Cost. Once a decision has been made to do whatever it is you desire to do, you must consider the cost. For example, if your goal is to lose 20 lbs. by a certain date, you know in order to do so you must forego that ice cream that you love or those candy bars and that favorite soft drink of yours that you absolutely love. You also know that you must invest time in food prep, exercise, healthy eating…you must do all of the things necessary to achieve your goal. You must forego eating out 7 days a week or even 3 days a week. Your favorite meal becomes one that’s clean and your favorite activity becomes walking or exercising.
  3. Commit. There is absolutely no need to make the decision, count up the cost unless you are willing to commit 100% to achieving your goal or seeing manifestations. Being COMMITTED says “I WILL” not “I MIGHT”. A commitment means I will stick with this until the end, until I see the manifestations.
  4. Work. We know that God does the impossible for us when we trust and believe in Him, however, in order to see the manifestations in your life as in the example shown above, requires work on your part. Look at the example shown above: If you decide, count up the cost and say you’re committed without putting in the work, what’s going to happen? Absolutely nothing! Conversely, with the steps shown above plus WORK, manifestations must occur.
  5. Wait. This is a crucial step. We do not jump from point A to point B without going through waiting periods between the time we DECIDE and the time we SEE. Be assured that as you continue the process day after day, week after week, those 20 lbs. will be gone and you have the added benefits of looking good, feeling good, being more energetic, and being healthier. I would be lying to you if I said you start on your journey today and next week the pounds are gone. Waiting is crucial.
  6. Consistency. Be consistent. This is actually a part of the commitment process. Yeah, it can become pretty routine and become somewhat frustrating as you juggle 100 things every day, but it’s worth it. Keep the end in mind!
  7. Deny Self, Deny yourself the temptations and distractions that come along to throw you off course. Deny yourself when you hear that little voice whispering in your ear, It’s okay, you can eat just this one. or You can skip that walk today. Say out loud–NOT TODAY! Today, I’m going to do this!
  8. MANIFESTATIONS. Although this is not included in the 7 steps, this is the end result of your having applied the steps shown above. You and others will SEE what you’ve been working on for months or even years.

These principles apply as one pursues their own INDIVIDUAL goals: They do not apply where GROUPS are involved and in activities that require GROUP involvement or participation. In order for these to manifest, it takes the COMMITMENT of an ENTIRE TEAM or  GROUP, with each person deciding, counting up the cost, committing, working, consistency, denying self and waiting. I will cover TEAMS or GROUP involvement in next week’s writings as it relates to seeing manifestations.

If you have personal goals, visions, and dreams that you want to see manifest, begin to apply these steps on a consistent basis and watch them MANIFEST!

It’s Manifestation Time!


Look for “The Manifested Glory of God” coming August 2017 by Author Regina Mixon with Contributors Courtney N. Williams and Roz Roberts