Change the Channel

You’re sitting watching TV and you realize that what you’ve just previewed is nothing but pure trash or something you’re not interested in watching. Shaking your head, you start to flip channels until you come to one that interests you. Happy, satisfied, and content, you relax and watch a good old fashioned wholesome movie or show. You decided that your time was more precious than the junk on the prior channels. You CHANGED THE CHANNEL. Good for you!

The same holds true when tuning into a radio station…nothing you want to hear so you start the search for something worthwhile. You CHANGED THE CHANNEL.

Many question themselves as far as posting on Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media sites and say to themselves,  “There are so, so many great speakers, teachers, coaches, etc. already posting very valuable content on a daily basis. Why should I? After all I am just another of many.”  I know I have said this and questioned myself on several occasions.

That’s when a friend and I discussed how one can simply Change the Channel”.

Digressing just a bit, please don’t get me wrong in the analogy used in my opening paragraph and the correlation with viewing speakers, teachers, etc. on social media: I don’t even think any of these powerful people on social media (well not all anyway) are spewing trash or junk. I actually love listening to others and gleaning from their experiences and teachings.

What I am saying to you is, if you are called to speak, teach, lead, mentor or coach, or whatever the calling may be, use the various tools out there to help you reach your targeted audience. If a person does not want to hear what you have to offer, that person always has the option of CHANGING THE CHANNEL. Don’t let your insecurities or thoughts that no one will watch or view or that you are one of hundreds, perhaps thousands doing the same thing. Every person has their own audience of viewers and supporters. Believe me, the harvest is plentiful, and even with those doing it there is always room for your gift.

Might I challenge you too to carefully monitor what you take in as with who you listen to. When you hear something that doesn’t sound right, CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

The bible tells us all throughout that we are to seek wise, Godly counsel and walk among the wise.  It goes on to tell us that we are BLESSED when we do so. Choose what goes through your ear gates as with your eye gates very wisely. Everything that sounds and/or even looks good just may not be. Exercise some wisdom.

For those who use a remote control (LOL We all do!) just sit and flip the channel until you come to something worth your time.

Walk among, listen to, glean from wise people and you too shall become wise. Whoever you associate or spend the most time with, you are more apt to become like . Hang with, view, listen to the wise and become wise. Conversely, hang with, listen to, and glean from the foolish or the constant, daily feedings of junk and foolishness and that’s what one becomes.

Okay, so don’t shoot anyone down. Keep your negative comments to yourself. You have options and one of them is to just CHANGE THAT DOGGONE CHANNEL!

And, if you are hesitant about displaying or promoting your ministry/business/gifts, remember they are number one, NOT FOR YOU but for you to be a blessing TO OTHERS and two, that people always have the option of CHANGING THE CHANNEL. Your audience is waiting for YOU!!! They need what you have to offer!