Rise Up2

Happy Easter!

On this day many will teach and preach about the resurrection of Jesus and rightfully so. My topic today deals with a resurrection of YOU! Yes, it’s time to RISE UP!

Each and every week, we hear of people transitioning from this life. This statement, although very much real, is not to scare anyone but to cause you to reflect on the things that need to RISE UP within you.

Life is but a vapor; time is short. What in you needs to RISE UP to accomplish your purpose for being here? It’s resurrection time!

This will not be a long article but one that I ask that you search your heart and soul: ask yourself the questions and begin to walk in your calling fully embracing it and becoming who you were destined to be.

Let’s get rid of ALL excuses. The time is now! Time to RISE UP–rise unafraid, RISE UP!

Jesus said in the bible that even though he had done great works while here, greater works than these shall we do as he was going to his Father. John 14:12

There’s a passage of scripture taken from Isaiah 32:9 that states: “”As for you ladies of leisure— Get up and listen to my voice! You daughters who feel so complacent— hear what I have to say! International Standard Version” It’s time to RISE UP!

Even though the above scripture deals with women, the time is now for men and women alike to RISE UP!

So again, I ask that you challenge yourself; that you push yourself now totally and completely from your comfort zone; that you stir up the gifts inside of you; that you begin to RISE UP!

That’s all for today.

Always remember the gifts given you are not so much for you, but for you to be blessed to be a blessing. RISE UP!