The Cost of Freedom

Is freedom really free or is there a price that is paid for freedom? Do we actually have freedom of speech as laid out in the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America?  What about the freedom to be and/or do whatever our desires are?

Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

In all honesty, we know that freedom of speech is almost non-existent. We can take a look at several cases where people have actually lost jobs, been arrested, verbally attacked, stereotyped and labeled as hate groups, and so many other negative actions taken against them as they exercised their right for free speech. The laws define, and sometimes on a case-by-case basis , what is and is not free speech.

Churches have been labeled as ones promoting hate as they do nothing but preach the word of God.  The press has been arrested or “called out” by some as they attempt to do their jobs in covering the news. People peaceably protesting have been arrested for no real cause. So, is there a price to pay for freedom?

Let’s take it on another level, a personal level for most individuals. As you continued your education or climbed the ladder of success in hopes of securing a better life for you and yours, did you pay a price? Yes, you did. You were in search of financial security and debt freedom, a home for your family, obtaining a great job, buying a car, starting a business…You were in search of freedom as you defined it for yourself and your family. So what was the price you paid?

I’ll tell you some of the prices paid/investments made as you sought after freedom–

  1. In order to continue your education, many first had to put up an INVESTMENT of MONEY unless you were given a full scholarship or grants covering your education. The investment may have been made via student loans, parental support or any number of ways but an investment was made.The same holds true for starting a business, buying a home or a car. There was an investment of money made upfront.
  2. As you sought after freedom in the areas shown above, there was an INVESTMENT of TIME made and most likely lots and lots and lots of it; sometimes years. You put in the time in studying. You put in the time in searching out the best deals when considering purchases. Time was invested in finding out the best possible home in the location you desired to live in for the best price. When searching for a vehicle for your family the same holds true. You looked at numerous houses and cars before actually purchasing one. You invested time in seeking out the best possible deals  for the amount you were willing to pay. You didn’t jump and buy the first thing you saw without counting up the cost and you SAVED towards a down payment or outright purchase.
  3. You made the INVESTMENT of PATIENCE. Yes, patience is an investment that leads to freedom. As you studied hard to pass the courses you realized that it would take a minimum of two years or four years or perhaps even six years before you actually obtained the degree or completed the course. You patiently waited and while doing so, you worked your butt off. You searched and looked for the houses/vehicles. You researched and learned everything you could about starting a business. You patiently accepted the fact that you were going to have to continue education in some form or another in order to stay relevant.
  4. You made the INVESTMENT and understood the necessity of DELAYED GRATIFICATION. You saw the end at the beginning and kept it in mind as you pursued. You were focused!  There were many things you may have WANTED but you understood the difference between WANTING and NEEDING and so you denied yourself these items. Now you can buy all of the shoes and other items you want. The price was paid upfront so that you could reap the benefits at the end.
  5. You paid the price by being MISUNDERSTOOD by your friends and family. You knew you could not go all of the places they wanted you to go. You knew in order to reach your goals you had to remain focused. You knew that many were disappointed by your decisions and didn’t understand why you were backing off and that this opened the door to much negatives–“Who does he think he is?” “I guess he’s too good for us now.” Oh we’re not good enough for Mr. College Boy” “Guess this neighborhood is not good enough for him anymore.” You understood why you were doing what you were doing and instead of some being happy for you, you were sometimes just plain ole misunderstood.
  6. You paid the price by telling the TRUTH and taking a STAND even though you knew upfront you would likely be persecuted for doing so. You took a stand and remained true to yourself and true to God. In doing so, many false accusations were made about and against you. You held fast to your convictions.
  7. You paid the price, remained true to yourself and to God and because of this, you succeeded in accomplishing your goals, dreams, and visions. And guess what, you realized the price you paid was worth it in the end.

These are just a few of the prices paid for your personal freedom(s). I’m sure you can add a lot more to the list. Suffice it to say, FREEDOM IS NOT FREE as there is a price to be paid. But once that price has been paid and the investment made, one can celebrate days of freedom many times over as each accomplishment is made.

I found many great quotes regarding the price of freedom. One stated it is death. Another stated it is eternal vigilance. Yet another stated responsibility is the price of freedom. I am in total agreement with each of these. Yes, freedom is not free.

None of our pursuits, or any worthwhile, will happen overnight. It takes time! Be willing to do whatever needs to be done, having God as your guide, faith in yourself and keep trudging along until it manifests. It will, and as stated above, you will celebrate many days of freedom.


Purchased that new house–Celebrate!

Bought that new car–Celebrate!

Started that new business-Celebrate!

Wrote that book–Celebrate!

Got that new job–Celebrate!