Definition of serendipity

  1. :  the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; also:  an instance of this (Merriam-Webster)

  2. noun


    an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.


    good fortune; luck:(

    Looking at the definitions shown above, does any situation immediately come to mind that cause you to think serendipity was involved? Have you stumbled upon valuable information or perhaps even a gift, or a chance meeting with someone where the outcome proved to be something valuable and came just in the nick of time? That my friend, is what some would call serendipity.

There have been many instances in my life where it proved I was in the right place, at the right time, to make the right connection, which provided me the tools or information needed to go to the next level. That chance meeting at a networking event. That chance friendship on social media sites with someone I didn’t know, but upon previewing their profile, realized they were someone I would like to get to know. That chance meeting at the nail salon, grocery store, mall that all proved to be a positive connection–serendipity.

Now for those that question the full meaning of what I’m stating here, the right connection can be one that helps another grow in various ways. It can be a connection that helps one grow spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally or in any number of ways.


Imagine, if you will, you’re going through a dilemma and seeking guidance and direction from God on a particular issue. Just for the sake of this writing your issue may be how to deal with the erratic behavior of adult children. Maybe the issue is one of how do I realistically and affordably release excess weight. Suddenly, out of nowhere, here comes someone you’ve never laid eyes on before come to you with the answers needed. Serendipity!

For those of us that are believers, we understand from a biblical perspective that the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord and when we seek Him and trust Him, He places the people in our path to provide the answers/solutions we need. The bible lets us know this. Honestly, I am a firm believer that nothing occurs by happenstance; it is by design

To my single sisters and brothers seeking a spouse, just prepare and position yourself and trust the process. I heard the phrase (I believe) in the movie “Waiting to Exhale“…”I may be thirsty but I’m not dehydrated.”   Wait for the right one.

To my sisters and brothers looking for answers to many of life’s issues or problems, seek and trust God and trust the process. Trust Him to lead, guide, direct and order your steps. Ask Him to put the right people in your path at the right time to provide whatever is needed. The word says we have not because we ask not. Pray and be very specific in your prayers as to what you seek.

To the countless men and women who have delayed dreams and visions that have not fully manifested; do what you can do each and every day, be consistent, and trust the process.

Just when you think it may not happen or even question the process is when it usually does happen. Expect the unexpected! At the right time, serendipity occurs, doors open, and what you’ve been waiting for, for what seems like eternity, manifests right before your very eyes. The preparation process is worth it. The wait is worth it.

Don’t quit. Don’t lose hope. Don’t faint. Don’t become weary. Your due season is almost here!  As you prepare, your blessings will be interspersed as needed. In between the distributions, there may be a few distractions or hiccups along the way, but that’s par for the course.

Don’t arbitrarily abdicate your God-given rights to the visions or dreams inside you to the thoughts and opinions of others, becoming discouraged when things don’t happen when you think they should and the mocking’s or jeering’s takes place. Do you hear me? Your due season is NOW.

Do not seek the things! As Matthew 6:33 tells us, we are to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL of these things will be added unto us. Translation: God first and everything else comes at the right time. When we do that, luck has nothing to do with it. It’s all about order.

He may not come through when or even how we want Him to, but rest assured…He’s connecting you with the right person at the right place at the right time…He’s always on time!