Back in my partying days, I would often say, “Girl I’m getting ready to step out”. When we challenge ourselves, we often say, “Honey, now you know I’ve got to step up my game”. So what do we do and say as we step into our new season? What exactly does “stepping into” the new season mean? Seriously, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. It’s walking into something new.

Let’s connect these three together. Let’s look at–

  1. Stepping Out. Step out of our comfort zones. Properly prepare ourselves just as we did when we were going out partying. Get your finest outfits together. Toss out those old outfits from 10 years ago that are outdated, too small, and you haven’t worn for years. Ladies, get your good hair and accessories together. Lay it all out beforehand. Get your nails done and your brows done and all the works. As we prepare to step out, don’t forget to prepare by studying, studying, studying, praying, praying, praying,. When we get ready to step out we have to build up our confidence to boldly go where we have never dared to go before. We prepare by shedding some weight because you know we have got to look good…lose the weight of carrying people who are not going where you are. Lose the weight of taking on unnecessary drama. Lose the weight physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, psychologically…any weight that prevents you from stepping out. Get that weight off of you!!! Let go of anything that hasn’t and is not working for you in helping you become the authentic you, the new you in this new season.
  2. Stepping Up. Okay so as we prepare to step out, we also should be preparing to Step Up. So how do we do that? Enlarge your circle. Include in it people smarter than you that can help you really step up. Accept those challenges and work them that helps better you to go to the next step. Show up! Speak up! Ask questions! Practice! Listen, listen, and listen some more. I recently read a post that stated, “If at first you don’t succeed, go back and do what your coach told you to do.” Everyone needs a coach and sometimes several as they prepare to step up.
  3. Stepping Into. Woo hoo! This is where you really start walking into our divine purpose! Now let us go boldly where we have never gone before…with confidence, weight loss, adequate preparation, boldness, changed circles, and get ready to party! This is where we each have dreamed of going. It is the place where manifestations of what you’ve been desiring for what seems like forever, comes to pass. This is where God silences the naysayers and doubters as you spent months or even years properly preparing. This is the time where God shows up and gets glory as you passed the test of time. This is the season where the blessings overtake you and flow into the lives of many others. This is the season of abundance and overflow. Yes, let us step into, big time!

We must remember that God is sovereign and continues to reign. He wants to bring the manifestations of what He has shown you to pass. You (we) just have to be willing to do the work and take the risks. We must be ready to take that leap of faith. We must be ready to JUMP!



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