Change is inevitable whether we like it or not. The world is constantly changing. Sometimes it seems for the better and other times for the¬†worst and often it’s a tale of two cities–the best of times and the worst of times. The one thing we do know is that change is inevitable. Might as well embrace it.

Take a look around you. Are you the same person you were two years ago? Do you have the same friends and people in your life? Have you suffered losses due to death or separation by miles or perhaps even separation due to changes in seasons?

Are you working on a job long-term and have experienced new management officials come and go, people promoted and move on, people retiring, people relocating due to the jobs of a spouse or perhaps they obtained a better one or because they now choose to be closer to family? Yes, change is inevitable but we must embrace change. It happens whether we like it or not.

I’ve mentioned before that I was one that never wanted to leave home. Had I been given my way, (so glad now I wasn’t) I would have stayed in the same community with the same people that I love dearly. I could not for the life of me understand why people wanted to and were so anxious to leave upon graduation. Later in life I came to the realization that if one wants to grow and really live life to the fullest, sometimes one must go.

Today I encourage you to embrace change. Step out of your comfort zone. Meet new people. Travel new places. Expand your network. Expanding your network expands your net worth and I do not just mean monetarily. Expanding your network causes you to look at things from a different perspective and to grow.

We know life happens. We know change is inevitable. Don’t resist it, go with the flow. Don’t fight it. Change will happen whether we want it or not. Read the book, “Who Moved My Cheese?” A simple, easy to read book with a powerful message about changing versus staying the same.

The cheese is moving! Are you moving with it or spending time denying it? Regardless, change will happen.

Jeremiah 29:11 lets us know God has great plans for our lives. Realize that He will not force His will or plans on us. We do have choices…stay the same or accept His plans.

YOLO–You only live once! Live! You only have one life so make each day count by growing and recognizing the changes in seasons.