“There’s a breakthrough in this room
And it’s got my name on it
So I’m gonna put a praise on it
I’m gonna put a praise on it”  Tasha Cobbs – Put A Praise On It Lyrics

Are you ready for breakthrough? It’s time to put a praise on it!

Listen people of God, we live defeated lifestyles sometimes as we tend to look at our circumstances instead of looking up to the One who controls the heavens and the earth. Let’s begin to look to the hills from whence cometh our help, knowing our help comes from the Lord.  As we do so, let’s go about praising God in advance for healing, deliverance, strongholds, restoration, debt-freedom, good health, marriages, families, whatever the situation or issue may be…let’s begin to praise Him like it’s already done.

There’s a miracle with your name on it. There is healing with your name on it. There is deliverance with your name on it. There’s restoration with your name on it. Claim the blessings and promises of God by praising Him!

Praise lets the enemy know he has not and will not win. Praise opens up heavens doors and let’s God know in spite of it all, we trust Him. Praise lets people know that your faith, hope, and trust is in God and God alone. Praising through your storms instead of moaning and groaning helps keep a genuine smile on your face as you go through to get to.

Praise often attracts others going through resulting in them coming to you asking the secret to your success. You know the enemy  makes sure many of your mistakes/issues are put before man. Praising our way through is a form of letting our lights shine so that men may see the source of our hope and glorify the God that we serve.

Praise opens the doors and windows for the blessings to flow…so I got to put a praise on it. What about you?

What time is it in your life?  I don’t know what time it is for you but for me…It’s time to put  a praise on it! Radical Praise! Incredible Praise!

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