Over the past few months, I have heard countless stories from men and women alike, that have endured private pains while it appears that public victories are taking place. These are people who to the world everything looks rosy. These are also people who are daily trying to encourage others, build others, empower others, assist others… going through private pain and suffering silently.

There’s a quote I will share from my book: “To God be the Glory: From Brokenness to Wholeness” that I’ll share with you. “Don’t look at what you think you see, looks can be deceiving. Uplift and encourage ALL you meet and tell them to keep believing.” Looks can be so deceiving! We make things look easy! How? Because we are go-getters: we smile as we suffer silently. We laugh, we joke, we dress well, we speak well, we keep moving forward and then…we often find ourselves alone…quietly and silently suffering…feeling defeated…afraid to open up to people because of past hurts…praying mightily for the issues/pains to stop…yes, we suffer silently. And we hide!

In life, there will be many twists and turns and we are taken places we never expected to end up. We go to school and yet upon completion find that it’s extremely hard to get a job. We marry and think it will be until death do us part only to wake up one day and find ourselves in divorce court. We raise our children the best we can and they rebel and go completely opposite of what they’ve been taught.

We buy homes and later lose them. We are ashamed because the repo man picked up our car. Our finances go up and down. We get a good job and then– last one hired first one fired.

We love people with our whole heart and give, give, and give some more and yet those same people walk away from us in our time of need. We sacrifice like crazy to pursue our careers, businesses, build our families, promote ourselves and others, and yet instead of receiving any kind of acknowledgement or thank you for a job well done, many have been talked about, lied on, cheated, mistreated, and forsaken by man.

Yes we suffer silently.

And we wonder why…why is this happening to me? Know this, your suffering is not in vain. Each of us that are called and chosen by God go through a process: a period of preparation. After we’ve suffered for awhile, we WILL see and reap the rewards and know that our suffering was not and is not in vain. So when you find yourself at a crossroad in life and you’re wondering why or when will it end, know that the Creator has a plan for you; a plan for good and at that set time, the appointed time, you will see that He truly does never put more on us than we can bear. You will find that your suffering was not in vain.

After you have gone through, please go back and share your struggles, your trials, your hurts, your disappointments, your crying or rather sobbing into your pillow, all that you went through, with others. Remember, just as you are and have suffered silently, so are many, many others. Never be ashamed of what you’ve gone through. The enemy meant it for evil, but God meant it for your good. Help someone else as they go through by sharing your testimonies. You no longer need to suffer silently–just share and tell how you got over!

I did and continually do–the good, the bad, and the ugly. You see, I now know what I’m telling you–my suffering was not in vain. Open up your closet and air your laundry. It’s time! And you too, can and will go from brokenness to wholeness AND IN THE PROCESS HELP MANY OTHERS WHO ARE STRUGGLING.

It’s time for your coming out party!

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