On yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of sharing the stage with some of the best authors and people in the world! This was both an honor and a very humbling experience. I am truly grateful!

Jewel Diamond Taylor hosted her signature event: Authors Who Rock at the Doubletree Hotel in Culver City, CA. There I heard amazing stories going forth as they relate to life in general. There were stories as shared by Otis G. Sanders as to what it takes to have a long, successful marriage with beautiful pictures taken by none other than Mr. Sanders himself. Pamela Samuels Young shared her amazing experiences as with her expectations as a writer, an author. Boise Holmes did a wonderful performance for the attendees (and if you don’t know who he is, google him) and other awesome, amazing testimonies, stories and tidbits for aspiring authors were shared by Dr. Yolanda Dawson, Terrie McBride, Dr. Rose Parker, Queen Camelia Straughn, Iris Jones and of course, the host and founder, Jewel Diamond Taylor. Did I also mention I, too, shared and was in that number. A humbling experience. It was amazing!

But let me say this to you…I want to say it loud and clear…YOU ROCK! And never let anyone dull your shine or tell you otherwise. NEVER!

Many have gone through horrific experiences in life–loss of loved ones,failed marriages, dropped out of school, no support from family and friends when you stepped out into your purpose, children misbehaving, job losses, addictions, repossessions, loss of homes, being totally and completely misunderstood, lied on, lied to, lied to others…the list goes on and on, BUT what you went through was not meant to define and does not define who you really are or who you can become. You ROCK!

Points were brought out on yesterday as to how many overcame. Points were made as to what went into the writings and completions of the books–the diligence, determination, blood, sweat and tears and money. Now am I saying that everyone is a writer? No! What I am saying is we all have a story to tell and we should not allow our past or shame from the past stop us from telling it. You never know, the blessing someone else may need may just be in your mouth.

The shame has been rolled away. Don’t allow it to hold you in bondage to the past not another day! Forget about guilt. Worrying about what people will say or think does nothing for you and is a total waste of time. Do YOU because YOU ROCK!

And remember, we all have a platform–some on a stage, others within our individual homes and communities. Use it to encourage others; to assist others; to uplift others; to inspire others; to teach others; to love on others (Yes, people like you are starving for love). Use the platform you’ve been given and know that you are more than a conqueror, you are a winner, nothing you’ve gone through disqualifies you for God’s best and you do truly ROCK!

Don’t try to imitate, duplicate, or be anything other than yourself because doing you is all that’s required. Be the real you, the one that you’ve hidden from the world for so long. Collaborate and Celebrate! Did I say that YOU ROCK!

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