“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist   

At a time when there is much chaos, confusion, division, misogynists, hatemongers, and all manners of diversionary efforts taking place to get us and keep us unfocused as it relates to our pursuing our dreams and visions, now is the time to dig in deeper like never before in pursuit of our purpose.

Imagine this if you will, your taking a laid back approach as it relates to your dream could be the diversion that’s hindering or delaying the blessings of so many. Your not acting now could be the difference between the opening of doors for many others to walk through. So now that you’ve thought about that–What’s really holding you back?

The media constantly displays the negatives: the Presidential campaign and all of the tomfoolery that’s taking place with it, the shootings throughout the world, the fallen or disgraced sports figure, government head, or entertainer, in essence the bad news. After all, we know that bad news spreads a lot faster than good news. So what part can you play in reversing or flipping the script in the sharing of more good news and pursuing your dreams and purpose?

Number one, you can get up from where you are, stop watching and reading the same news stories over and over again, be a part of solutions to help our ailing country. Next you can and should begin to live your dreams! Yes YOUR dreams! As I’ve mentioned several times your dreams and purpose is not just to benefit you but should benefit countless others.

I recently read a letter Kobe Bryant penned to his younger self…and I also read the accompanying comments. It amazed me that instead of focusing on the great message the letter contained as it related to some lessons he had learned as he aged, there were several who launched an attack starting with his rape of a white girl and concluding with why shouldn’t he take care of his parents and family members with all the money he had amassed. My first thought was –how ridiculous and my next thought was it’s very easy for others to form an opinion as to what one should do with their own money and the wisdom they’ve learned. Why do I bring up Kobe while talking about Living Your Dreams? Glad you asked.

As you begin to live your dreams and pursue your purpose, there will be many that will have their opinions and unfortunately a lot of them won’t be favorable. You must develop tough skin and LIVE YOUR DREAM and stay true to your purpose regardless of the opinion of critics that can also be some you love dearly. You may have to distance yourself from some and even have estranged relationships as you go and grow. Don’t allow the fear of what others say and think get you off-track. Keep moving forward!

Be bold. Be confident. Study and learn all you can about your dream. Speak. Listen. Pray. Plan. Prepare. Have Patience.  Grow…and then go! Don’t allow the fear of what others will say or think stop you. Don’t allow fear in any way to hinder you. It’s your time to Live Your Dream! You won’t fail if you consistently pursue. Forget the fear of others as with the fear of failure. Move forward!