“As every divided kingdom falls, so every mind divided between many studies confounds and saps itself.”
Leonardo da Vinci

Division in any form is what saps us of our strength. A mind divided, a house divided, a church divided, a nation divided…these are the traps of the enemy and we see the consequences. In love and unity there is much strength and much power.

We have been, in many instances, our own worst enemies. We promote those that look like us, act like us, talk and walk like us. We shun and are fearful of those that don’t fit into our conception or idea of what we deem ourselves to be.

We harbor hurts, ill-feelings and grudges against those who we believe did us wrong. We play over and over in our minds the song “Somebody Done Somebody Wrong”. We hang onto injustices that leads us into a state of anger that we have a hard time letting go of. And so we hurt and never heal.

We see in our individual homes the division as each person wants to go his own separate way often ignoring the leadings and teachings of the parents and sometimes take advantage of the heads of the households. Entitlement, freedom of speech, no disciplining of our children all have played a major part in this.Children rebel against sound teachings. Churches are constantly divided over clichés and everyone’s different understandings of the Bible. We fight and bicker among our co-workers as each person strives to be “the best” and the idea of teamwork is something, although a great concept, tossed out of a window. We have to be the best! (And there is nothing wrong with giving what you do your absolute best. There is a problem when it becomes more “I” than “we”)

And then we wonder why our country is in such a mess…our homes…our schools…our churches…OUR NATION. Can it be that there continues to be so much division and competition that we lose sight of what our country was founded on? On what really matters most?

Growing up, I remember in our small community how families regularly came together, prayed together, worshipped together, played together, and grew together. I distinctly remember my grandmother having a garden and sharing her vegetables and fruits with other surrounding neighbors. I remember the neighbors doing the same–sharing whatever goods they had with others in the communities. Lack was removed as they all helped each other.

If one person had a cow or pig slaughtered, many in the neighborhood reaped the benefits. Many of us were poor by the world’s definition but we were always rich in what mattered most.

We were taught respect…to say please and thank you. We were taught to not to take anything or anyone for granted as no one ever had to do anything for another: it was only by God’s grace and the goodness of that person. We did not feel ENTITLED!

As kids we often fought among ourselves. Bruised elbows, bruised egos, bruised everything but we soon came back together.

The teachers encouraged students to be the best that they could be. They taught us, as with the elders, what mattered most in life. Some of us listened and some didn’t and strayed BUT the values were instilled in us. We WERE RICH!

I had a teacher go to bat for me when an injustice was done against me. I didn’t even have to worry about fighting the battle. God had already placed someone in my path and prepared them ahead of time to fight the battle for me.  I thank God daily for Mrs. Frankie Mitchell! Because of her and this situation, I grew to learn that there are many battles I don’t have to fight. And neither should you. God has already prepared someone ahead of time to fight the battles for us. Actually His word says that vengeance belongs to Him.

I have a brother and sister-in-law that have fought many battles on my behalf and I thank God for them daily. I have friends who have fought battles on my behalf where I never had to say a word.

Back to my community: You’ve heard me say over and over again I never, ever wanted to leave home. I love my people. I came to understand that sometimes in order to grow, one must go. You’ve seen the funny commercial–“Should I stay or should I go?” That was me when it came time to leave all that I valued and loved.

You might ask, why is she sharing all of this? I’ll gladly explain. Even though we all did not agree on the same things, we loved each other still. Even though we fell out, we understood and realized the importance of coming together and did so quickly. Even though we went our separate ways, many of us were never divided. Even though we faced difficult times, we understood the importance of unity.

When one of us obtained a place of position where we could help another we often did so by helping them secure employment in the organization we were in. God had graced us with the position and given us favor to help someone else. We answered the call and many lives were changed but did they change for the better? Some did and some didn’t.

Some later became so high-minded that the thought of encouraging and helping another flew out the door. Phrases like:”I got mine, they can get theirs the best way they can” became popular”. Seeing a brother or sister in need…well many learned to turn a blind-eye or a deaf ear to the cries and hurts of the people.

People, this is a clarion call! Love is the key and also UNITY. All lives matter. Let go of the division. Stand for what is right. The atrocities that we face are the results of our own insecurities, fears, wrong thoughts regarding others, prejudices, and ultimately has led to division, hurts, losses, anger, broken relationships and astronomical sufferings.

Out of some of my most hurtful, embarrassing, shameful and devastating moments, times when I thought I would just curl up in a ball and die, came some of my greatest strengths. And so it can be with any of us.

Yes, I am a believer, a child of the most High God and God is saying “Please return your love back to me”. He is the ultimate healer. He is the answer. So if you’re angry and upset with the happenings in the world, do YOUR part in helping to be the change you wish to see. That’s all each of us can do. Let’s get back on track…PLEASE!

I am in competition with no one. I run my own race as at the end of my jouney, I’ll stand before God alone, face-to-face and my only desire is to hear Him say–Well done they good and faithful servant. That’s it.

UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL! If we want to stand and be the people that God wants us to be and have our nation restored, then standing in unity is not optional but a necessity. I’m just saying…