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Ponder that for a minute. Seriously think about it. Which are you or have you spent most of your life being? Interesting question huh? Now which do you aspire to be? Let me tell you the difference between each of the three–

  1. A doormat is something we are all familiar with. It’s either outside or inside and something that we walk on as we either enter or exit a door. One definition defines a doormat as a person who is the habitual object of abuse or humiliation by another. Have you allowed people to walk all over you, brushing the dirt from their feet off on you? To humiliate you?
  2. A door opener is something or someone that holds the door or opens the door for another to enter or exit through;something that is effective in leading to opportunity or success: Do you or have you spent your life as someone who goes before others opening doors?
  3. A Gatekeeper watches the gate or guards the gate ensuring the right people enter through and the wrong ones stay out. These are designed to keep certain elements from attending various events. It is one who is used to identify, count, supervise, guard, and monitor the traffic flow through it.

So which are you?

A while back I watched a pretty interesting movie where there was a young lady who had been pretty much a people pleaser. She never spoke her mind or her true feelings and because of this, she allowed people to trample all over her. She was a “yes” person.

This young lady was also an author though her upcoming book was not what her publisher had expected. It was dull and lacked that extra oomph.

She spent some time in a support group and that is where she found her strength as with her voice. The title and contents of the book changed and she no longer became the “yes person”. The book’s title was “My Life as a Doormat”. Now honestly, can’t a lot of us see ourselves as having lived a life like this?

Aspire to become a gatekeeper. Guard your heart for out of it flows the issues of life. Guard who you allow to walk in and out of your life. Guard who you allow to speak into your life as with the lives of your loved ones. Guard your mouth as far as what you say about yourself and others.

We should strive to live our lives not as a doormat but rather a door opener. Sometimes we must serve in the capacity as a gatekeeper but what we never, ever want to do is serve others as a doormat. The latter downplays our uniqueness as with our strengths. We were never designed to be a doormat.

Just a little something to think about.