Can You Hear Me Now 2

Hello…I said hello…do you hear me…HELLO! Can you hear me now? Why do I keep saying hello? I want you to really hear what I’m saying in the contents of this message. I want you to allow the words to resonate so deeply within that you have no choice but to take back every single thing that the enemy has stolen from you. Again, I say…HELLO!

There’s a great gospel song that states–Everything that the devil stole God’s giving back to me…I want my joy back! Yes, you can have your joy back!

Another song that I truly love is by Shirley Murdoch and it states–I love me better than that. I’m going to get my life back. I want my joy back. I want my piece back. My self-esteem back. Yes, you love you better than what you’ve allowed to rob you of your joy, peace, family, relationships, health, finances, praise, worship, joy and peace. I love me better than that! And I just know you do as well…love yourself better than how you’ve treated yourself.

How do you take it back? You know…speak it, believe it, act on it, be consistently consistent, have a dogged determination that come hell or high water you will get back everything the enemy has stolen from you WITH INTEREST!

How do you take it back? In order to reverse the curse that the enemy has planned for you or for restoration to take place, you must make a 180% turn, not 360 because it will land you right back in the same place you’re in. In order to take it back, you have got to lose some weight. Yep, lose some weight–the weight of carrying problems of others that are too great for you to bear and not meant for you to carry; the weight of trying to take care of everyone but yourself. The weight of enabling (not helping) others and hindering their growth and sometimes we need to shed some physical weight through proper rest, exercise and healthy eating. Hello somebody!

You have got to lose the weight of trying to drag people along with you that talk a good talk but the walk does not line up. They procrastinate. You procrastinate. They make promises and break them. You make promises and break them. They lie and cheat. You lie and cheat. Whatever you’re around the most is what you become. Hello!

You know the people I’m referring to, those still whining, still complaining, still broke, never grateful for anything…those are the ones you need to run from.

Okay so your reputation is tarnished, your character is in question, your life is chaotic, you live in a constant state of back-and-forth, and just when you break free from all that’s been holding you back and those that want to spend their days mumbling, grumbling, and complaining about how bad life is and you start to SOAR, you run right back to the people or situations that helped get you where you are today. Say this with me: Not anymore! I’m drawing the line in the sand today. I will not complain and remain, but I will praise and be raised. Hello somebody! GP (God’s People) are you with me?

The challenge becomes one that we each can do…spend some time daily working on improving you. Right wrongs that have been in arrears. Deal with and confront your situations. Pray about them first. Don’t go half-cocked and once you get clarity, get to stepping!

Join me as I reclaim what the enemy thought he had robbed me of and gain back everything he took away…WITH INTEREST. Let’s do this for 30 days and watch how the turn around takes place. We will find that EVERY TIME we turn around He makes a way!

Email me, or share with me on Facebook or twitter your successes. I want to hear them. Iron sharpens iron and sharing your successes will not only encourage you but many others as well.

Time to take those bricks that have been thrown at us and build a powerful wall!

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