Depression strikes millions worldwide annually. It is estimated more than 350 million suffer at some point with depression. Feelings of hopelessness and despair often is the leading cause of depression. Grief from the loss of a loved one, life’s challenges, abuse, bullying, conflict, illnesses, major life changes, some medications, and the vicissitudes of life leads to depression. Research shows a feeling of hopelessness over a situation is also a leading cause of depression.

Has depression lingered over your life for a long period of time and just doesn’t seem to want to let go? Has life’s experiences caused you to question your very existence and everything as it relates to your life? Have your doubts robbed you of living life to the fullest and making the best of every day? The news stories as they relate to unnecessary, uncalled for shootings, deaths, and crimes which seem to be so ridiculous in nature…have these caused you to experience severe depression? Well I am here to give you some good news! You don’t have to succumb to the depression and you can pick yourself up and begin again. You can really enjoy life! You really can! Let me tell you how.

The first step seems so simple and it really can be. It starts with a decision. You can DECIDE each day that you are going to have a good day. You can DECIDE that today will be the best day ever for you. You can DECIDE that you are going to do the best you can with what you have and trust God to do the rest. Yes, it starts with a decision.

Let’s get real, we all will experience losses. We all will encounter things in our lives that are devastating; things that make us wonder why do we keep going. We all will, or may experience children gone wild, spouses gone wild, finances not where we would like them to be, inability to pay debts, health issues, job losses, loss of loved ones, loss of houses, etc. None of us are immune to life and we will go through these various things. The key is we will go THROUGH meaning we will not stay there. If you do not or have not experienced any of these things yourself, knowing that a family member, friend, or loved one is going through it puts you smack dab in the middle and you are in essence going through too.

DECIDE that no matter what may come your way, you are going to make the best of today. Not faking it but rather faithing it all the way. I am a firm believer, as I’ve personally experienced, the bottom may drop out today and tomorrow the Son shines so brightly that it’s sometimes hard to remember the devastating thing that occurred on yesterday.

The next step is actually shared in the above paragraphs: TRUST God. TRUST and believe that God is behind the scenes working everything out for your good. TRUST and believe that God loves you even if it seems no one else does. TRUST and believe that nothing that happens to you is an accident. Believe in serendipity, that good will find its way to you. TRUST and believe.

The next step is to daily look for something to be GRATEFUL for; speak those things out loud, write them down. You will find that once you start being GRATEFUL for what you have the depression starts to fade away. During the loss of a loved one, be GRATEFUL that God shared them with you for a season. During the loss of finances, be GRATEFUL that you still have life which gives you an opportunity to recover or bounce back. When facing health issues, be GRATEFUL that you have family and friends that love and care for you. When confronted with a job loss, be GRATEFUL that God has gifted you and even though it may take a minute to find another one, believe that it will happen.

BELIEVE that your current situation can change. No matter what you are currently facing it can all change SUDDENLY. BELIEVE that no storm or dark cloud lasts forever. BELIEVE with God’s help and sometimes the help of others, you have the POWER to turn the situation around. Seek outside help if needed to help you gain clarity about whatever you’re facing or dealing with. Sometimes a professional or an impartial party is needed to help you start to BELIEVE that your situation can turn around. Seek the help you need and BELIEVE it can be done.

HELP OTHERS. Do something for someone else. Get outside yourself and your circumstances and focus on doing something good for someone else. Once you start to do this, depression has no choice but to leave. After all, how can you focus on others and depression over your situation linger? Can’t be done.

LOVE is the final step. LOVE yourself enough to forgive yourself if you are a contributing factor in whatever took place. LOVE others enough to not judge or be critical but be supportive in helping them get to a point of freedom from depression. LOVE God enough to believe He is working everything out. LOVE is a very powerful tool to overcome depression.

Live, laugh, love!

Right any wrongs that you can that attributed to the depression. Those that you can’t, TRUST God to work them out. You’re too blessed to be depressed! Don’t waste another day wallowing in depression. Get up and get moving towards making each day the best day ever!

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