Let me tell you a little story of “The Haves and the Have Not’s” and no it has nothing to do with Tyler Perry’s show by the same name (just inspired by it). This is a story of The Haves (the affluent) and The Have Not’s (the dejected and downtrodden).

Once upon a time there was an elite group of people–let’s call them “The Haves” that lived in various places throughout the world. These were people of great means, people who had amassed or acquired great wealth. Not all , but many were considered by some to be haughty, prideful, puffed up due to the fortunes they had obtained. So many snubbed those that were less fortunate (The Have Not’s).

This latter group were people who had not been born with a silver spoon and had huge hardships all throughout their lives causing them to struggle. These are the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, those (for the sake of this story) who have fought all their lives just to have the basic necessities in life.

So “The Haves”, or many of them, looked down their noses at “The Have Not’s” and made disparaging comments like: They should just get a better job. I am not trying to help them. They are lazy and need to learn a trade to help themselves. I made it and so can they. They are stupid for finding themselves in the position they’re in. You get the picture. What’s missing is lack of compassion as with the realization that one day they can go from being “The Haves” to a “Have Not” overnight.

What’s the point of this story? To encourage people, no matter where they are in life, to realize that life can and will turn on you without even asking your permission. To encourage people no matter where they are in life to have compassion for those that have fallen on hard times. To encourage people to fully realize that but by the grace of God it could very well be you or I in any of the positions. Yes, one can easily go from a Have to a Have Not, and to encourage you to offer the same compassion to others when they are going through, as you would want someone to offer you. You never know where life will take you.

This message is to encourage you to not look down on others, but as much as humanly possible, help lift a brother or a sister up. A smile, an encouraging word, guidance and direction to help them help themselves, whatever you can give in a positive way is what’s needed.

Many are looking for a hand up and not a hand out. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Karma states what goes around comes around. The bible states what you do for others comes back to you (well not in those exact words but you get the gist of it) It does say for us to do unto others as we would have done unto us.

I close with this. There are many of the “Haves” that offer help to the “Have Not’s” on a daily basis and for this I thank and applaud you. My words today are to encourage those that may find themselves in the first group: the prideful, haughty, proud, opinionated without real facts…to just consider the possibility that one day this could be you or a family member or a close friend and then think about how you would want someone to treat you. No one is immune to the troubles of life. It rains on the just as well as the unjust.

And to The Have Not’s, be gracious enough to accept the help offered. Pride keeps many from living better lives. Charity is love. Accept the help offered.  I’ve heard people say, “I don’t accept charity“. Well you may be turning down a real blessing. Know the difference between a blessing and a handout. Turn down the handouts, accept the blessings.  Just something to think about.

Don’t look at what you have today. It can change SUDDENLY and one can cross over to either side in a heartbeat. Believe me, I’ve lived on both sides.

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