The scenarios are played all throughout the world. Officer involved shootings– be it on the part of a police officer being shot and killed while in the line of duty, or one killed during a routine traffic stop, or the killing of an innocent victim by an officer or any number of scenarios, the issue seems to be (at least in my mind) fear playing a big part in the outcomes. There has been much talk about recent shootings and killings of young black and brown males–senseless killings. The media continually plays and replays the tragedies. It angers family, friends, and loved ones of all parties involved. Shock! Disbelief! Fuel is continually added as each episode is played and replayed. The argument has been made that there is more black-on-black and brown-on-brown killings so why should people get so upset when a police officer kills someone. That (the crime among black-on-black and brown-on-brown) may very well be true. I do not have statistics at this time to say yes or no. What I do know is it all seems to originate from fear. Well maybe a sense of superiority as with a lack of respect on both parts.

For years, blacks and browns have felt mistreated by Caucasians or whites. Because of this, there is a “Stand My Ground Mentality” that is getting and has gotten many killed. Senseless!

For years, police officers and their families have been the victims of unnecessary loss all due to senseless killings. A person fears for their life, always assumes someone has a weapon, and instead of just doing the right thing people have become trigger happy. Shoot first…ask questions later.

I do not condone murder on any level and against any group of people. I abhor racial profiling. I detest the behavior of some after a loss of a loved one…rioting, looting, creating chaos…what does it accomplish? Actually it makes the situation worse.

Is it fear that causes a man to beat down a woman or shoot and kill an innocent child? Is it fear that causes one to do drive-by shootings? Is it fear that causes one to loot and destroy and rob and kill? Is it fear that provokes total disrespect for another human being? Is it fear? Really!

I’ve read numerous articles over the past few years, watched the news, seen the marches that take place, viewed comments by those for and against the behavior of another as it relates to what’s taking place in the world.

I’ve had countless conversations with friends and co-workers listening to their views and expressing my own as to why all of this is taking place. In many cases we’ve agreed to disagree. We realize discussions are a democracy and each person is entitled to their beliefs as they relate to basically anything. What sharing with and listening to others does for me is open my eyes to seeing things from different perspectives.

Lou Rawls did a song many years ago…What’s the matter with the world, has the world gone mad? There’s nothing wrong with the world–it’s just the people that’s in it.

I’m in total agreement with Marvin Gaye–What’s Going On?

Gone are the days of slavery as experienced by our ancestors with slave masters and slaves. Gone are the days of blaming one group for another’s plight in life or discomforts. Gone are the days where we as a people cannot come together, eat together, pray together, play together, watch movies in the same theater, share the same water fountains, use the same restrooms, ride the same transportation services. They are gone! We have a power to change a generation in a positive way! We have the power!!!

We as a people need to get back to the basics which are found in the Bible. None are superior. None are inferior. Respect authority. Respect yourself. Respect your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Respect never goes out of style.

Train our young to be upstanding citizens (and when I say our young, I mean ALL) and bring back respect. Parents, you are accountable. It starts at home. Some things can have a different outcome if we as parents assume our rightful roles and teach love, not hate; teach respect; teach what is right.

Train our officers to not assume…don’t assume because I’m black or brown I am a thug. Don’t watch the movies and assume all people of color are low lifes. Don’t make assumptions about us.

Train our children to do the right thing. I know this does not assure a successful outcome in every case but it is a start. Let’s start! I am so tired of the lost lives be them black, white, brown, Asian, whoever. I am tired of the losses of police officers and am here to say just like all people of color are not evil neither are all police officers. Some are here to serve and protect and take their jobs seriously. I imagine many cry due to the fact that they could not save a life or could not help that person in need. We are all human beings! Let’s be about love, peace, and unity. And it starts with you. Yes, you!