“Lord I am so busy! I spend my days doing this for this one, this for that one and find myself swamped with commitments that I cannot keep! Help ME! I’m tired, frustrated and seem to be spinning my wheels getting nowhere real fast!” Is this you? Do you know someone who uses something similar on a regular basis when discussing their life? There is a huge difference between busy and productive!

TRUTH: God never called us to be busy. There is nowhere in my bible readings, no scriptures that support His asking us to be busy. He did tell us to be fruitful and to multiply. He did tell us to go into all the world teaching, preaching and reaching the lost. He did tell us to help those in need. He did tell us to pray for those that are hurting BUT He never told us to be busy.

We can do the things God has called, chosen us for, and qualified us to do without being busy as a bee. Sometimes we get so busy we can’t even hear our marching orders from our Maker. Sometimes we become so busy that we say we don’t even have time to pray. Too busy!!!

Sometimes we get so busy involved in the affairs or lives of others that we actually end up meddling as opposed to helping or doing God’s will.

Let’s talk about productivity for a moment. A productive person CAN BE busy BUT the difference is a productive person knows when to stop, look, and listen to hear what the Spirit is leading them to do. A productive person will get good sound doctrine or teachings and take the necessary steps to implement resulting in much fruit being born.

A productive person knows that their time is valuable and that “no” is often the only response they need to give; knowing that their steps are ordered by the Lord, a productive person takes and makes time for daily prayer and bible reading and seeks guidance and direction for that 24 hour period.

A productive person plans! A productive person prepares! A productive person networks! A productive person is a powerful person and one who strategizes.

A productive person, unlike a busy person, does not go around singing–Que sera sera, whatever will be will be and because of the fact that they are productive realize that we have a say in what will be.

Let’s get unbusy and become more productive. Life can be so much easier.