Dark clouds seem to loom over your life and you feel hopeless. That job loss, loss of a house, loss of a loved one, or health issues can all be perceived as dark clouds. When children go astray and life completely contradicts that that they have been taught; that too can be perceived as a dark cloud. The bank account being in the red on a continual basis–yes another dark cloud. But are these really dark clouds?

Many have gone through storms in life–literally storms! Thunderstorms where the sky is darkened and they seem to go on forever. It’s during these times that some duck tail and hide. It’s during these storms that many would, like my grandmother would tell us as kids, get real silent “Because the Lord is doing His work”. It is during those storms that some experience loss of electricity for hours and sometimes even days and depending on how long the power outage lasts, loses frozen goods.

It is during these storms that afterwards one breathes a sigh of relief. It is after these storms that many rejoice in the fact that even though it was bad, it could have been worse.

But what about the other storms one endures that causes darkness to loom for what seems like eternity? What about those storms that appear to rob you of your joy, zap you of your energy, steal your excitement, zeal and enthusiasm for life? What about those storms?

Let’s look at the potential silver lining in these times. The job loss may be God redirecting you to start your own business or perhaps He has a better job for you. The loss of a house could be God’s preparation for you for a home; both here on earth and your heavenly home. The loss of a loved one can be an opportunity to thank God for having allowed them to be apart of your life, even if you believe they were taken too soon. The health issue may be God’s nudging that there are some things you need to change in your life to be here for the long haul. It could be His nudging you to take better care of yourself.

The financial issues or the bank account being in the red could be God’s way of leading you to be proactive in the handling of your finances, take classes, develop and maintain a budget.

The bible tells us to train up a child in the way they should go. Once we do that we have fulfilled our God-given assignments as parents. When, or if, they should stray, don’t play the blame game. Instead keep them continually lifted in prayer and trust God to do the turnaround. This can be very hard at times and often requires our letting them go and surrendering them to God over and over and over again BUT never give up on that wayward child. It ain’t over until God says it’s over! Remember that.

While we’re on the subject of wayward children, remember you were most likely one of them and if your parents didn’t give up on you, but rather covered you in prayer, AND God didn’t give up on you, who are you to give up on them?

Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. Instead of looking at the dark cloud, wallowing and feeling sorry for yourself, look for the silver lining. Look for the blessing in the testing or the blessing in the lesson. Once you’ve found it, implement and see the turnaround that takes place.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Change and growth takes place when we listen, learn and adhere or take action correcting the issues in our lives we’ve created and trust God to fix the other things. Do your part and trust God to do the rest.

There are some things, no matter how hard we try, that we will be unable to fully comprehend or fix. Let go of those and trust God to mend or fix those issues. Do YOUR part and trust God! Do what you can do and rest in knowing the Creator can and will fix any issues that affect you and yours.

Behind EVERY dark cloud IS a silver lining!