2 ladies talking

“Guess what Mary? I have a library full of books on subjects ranging from A to Z. And, girl I have every exercise tape and pieces of equipment I need to lose weight. And girl, I have several different versions of the Bible as with study guides. Girl, I have closets full of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories to match. No brags, just facts.” Ha!

Well guess what folks, what the speaker isn’t saying is that even though she has all of these items she is┬ábarely using any of them. Use it or lose it!

Let’s get real, we take great pleasure in boasting about the newest books or outfits or any of those things mentioned above but what are we honestly doing with them/it?

Having exercise equipment, books, clothing, etc. does absolutely no good if they’re not being utilized. How many of you (don’t raise your hand) can say that you know someone like the speaker talking to Mary? How many of you are that speaker? Be honest with yourself.

Recently discovered that shoes unworn will dry rot. Clothes unused are of no good after awhile to you or anyone else. Books unread will not expand the mind nor help the individual in any way. A Bible and study guides will not help one iota if unread. Exercise equipment and tapes are useless unused.

Osmosis won’t happen by placing books under your pillow girl. It just won’t work. You’d better open that book, use that equipment, wear them doggone clothes and fully utilize all that you have. If you don’t use it you run the risk of definitely losing it.

Those 6 pack abs you’ve worked so hard to get will easily turn to flab if you don’t continue to work aggressively to keep them.

There are some who sang beautifully for years and then they stop. Once they start to sing again, they often find the voice is not what it was and appears to be cracked until they put forth the time and effort into rebuilding it to get it back up to par. Some never do and sound like a hot mess!

Use it or lose it! Don’t take any of it for granted. If not properly, consistently used and maintained on a regular basis, you run the risk of losing it. Don’t let that be you.

And while I’m discussing this, don’t allow the gifts you’ve been given to lie dormant for years. Don’t assume that you can go for years without using those gifts and be as effective as you once were. Use them!”