It seems that sometimes we get stuck in a certain geographical area, areas we consider our “safe” or “comfort zones” and have a fear of moving out of or beyond those parameters we’ve set for ourselves. This can be geographical or preconceived limitations in our minds. Last week I had an “aha” moment. Let me elaborate.

Living in the Southern California area, the opportunities to go and grow are endless. I have been invited to numerous events that I’ve declined. The reason may or may not shock some of you but it has been nothing more than FEAR. Yes, FEAR–False Evidence Appearing Real, that has kept me in certain places or in my comfort zones.

A friend recently invited me to a comedy show that takes place at night. My response was that I do not do night driving alone. Her response was “You’ve got to get out of that”. Now it’s not the driving part that has kept me from going places: It is however, the fact that I have been told by some how dangerous it is to travel alone at night and that has stayed with me. I have been constantly told “You don’t want to walk, drive, or go certain places alone as it’s just too dangerous”. There is a certain element of truth to that, however if we don’t get outside of our comfort zones how will we really know what’s on the other side?

One should exercise some wisdom when doing any of these things be it in California, Louisiana, or any other State. That is a fact. One should not allow fear to keep them from doing things that can enhance or expand their view on life and expose them to the wonderful possibilities.

I’ve discussed the paralyzing fear that keeps some from moving geographically or physically but what about the fear that grips our minds that tells us we cannot go beyond a certain point in life? What about the fear that stops some dead in their tracks that says you are not qualified or good enough to go beyond a certain point? What about the fear that tells you if you move beyond a certain point in life people won’t like you? What about that mind-gripping fear that tells one that this is as good as it gets? What about…what about…what about?

This is the time to squarely look that fear in the face and call it what it is–A liar. This is the time to step outside the comfort zone you have locked yourself in and dare to expand. This is the time to move totally and completely out of your comfort zone and stretch. Yes, this is the time.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do one thing (just one) that has frightened the dickens out of you in the past. Move out and do something that fear has prevented you from doing. Move out of your comfort zone.  You’ll be so glad you did. And, do yet another thing the next week and the week after that and so on until you have conquered the fears in your life. Giants do fall but they don’t if we won’t confront and deal with them. I issue this challenge to you as with myself. Let’s stretch and grow!

FEAR–False Evidence Appearing Real. We’ve got this!