What are you doing to multiply your gifts and talents? You do know that where you are and what you currently have can be multiplied don’t you? I’m sure that you realize that where you are is not your final destination.

So what do I mean by this? First off, when we were each born, we were uniquely and wonderfully made. We had no clue as an infant what we would do or where we would go in life. As we began to age and experience life, we began to see unlimited possibilities: we began to believe that we could be and do a number of things. We began to say as early as elementary school things we would do when we grew up. And many of us began to study in that or those areas.

As we progressed to the teen years or into young adulthood, we learned the necessary skills to help us further our pursuit of our chosen area of interest. We had tunnel vision and focused solely on pursuing that and that alone. But did you know that as you progress and journey towards that particular path you can and should also learn additional things along the way that multiplies your gifts and talents? Yes, it is true.

There is a story found in the word that tells us about the multiplication as with the hiding of talents. A certain nobleman called his servants together and delivered to them a number of pounds when leaving their country. He gave to one ten pounds, to another five pounds and yet to another one pound. I am unsure as to why he did it this way but nevertheless he did. They did know that he would return and the wise ones knew he expected interest or multiplication of that he had given them.

Upon returning to this country, the one who had been given ten had multiplied the ten and now had twenty. The one given five had multiplied the five and now had ten. Sadly, the one who had been given one still only had the one. He did not understand the importance or even the necessity in multiplying his talent. Because of this, the king took the talent from the one and gave it to the one who had ten originally.

What ones does not use, one risks losing it.

It is very crucial to our lives as with the lives of others that we continue to stretch, learn, and grow; that we continue to multiply the gifts and talents given us so that we can be and become all that our Creator intended us to be. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a good plan for us. This only happens when we take what He has given us, study and perfect it and continue to stretch and grow.

What’s some of the benefits of multiplying our gifts and talents?

  1. You will do some things that many sit on the sidelines and only talk about.
  2. You are preparing yourself and your family as with all you come in contact with for generational blessings.
  3. You are leading by example.
  4. You are blessed and really in a position to bless others by sharing your knowledge, wisdom and expertise with others.
  5. You change a generation from those who previously thought “I can’t” to become those who believe “I can” as they have seen it modeled before them not just by a celebrity or a stranger but by someone they know personally.