Still I rise! Still I rise! Still I rise!

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus; actually the death, burial and resurrection, this should give us hope in our risen Savior but also let us know that in whatever situation we find ourselves, we can rise above and from it.

My life has been far from peachy cream or squeaky clean. I’ve fallen down many times; made innumerable mistakes, but the one thing that causes me to rise each day more determined than the previous one is knowing that falling is apart of the process and I can rise and begin again. And you can as well.

I encourage you today to read in the gospels the story of Jesus death, burial and resurrection; to read the stories of those in the bible who considered themselves unworthy of their calling or purpose but decided and became determined to not only start a venture but to finish it; to read of those whom you admire–of their struggles, falls, ups and downs, as with their tenacity and determination to rise daily in spite of those and in doing so are now living very successful lives.

Today I stress, as in all of my messages, that there is power in numbers; collectively WE have unbelievable, unimaginable power. Once WE begin to tap into the powers WE have, WE will rise and shine like never before.

Today, make the promise to yourself, that you too will rise and as you rise, look up to get guidance and direction from your source, look around to see where your true resources lie and make the connections–those who can help you, and look down to see those that you can help lift as you rise.

I will close this with a part of my story and a poem by Dr. Maya Angelou.

There was a time in my life when I was unemployed or rather not gainfully employed; I was pursuing God’s Storehouse Ministries. My family and I suffered like you wouldn’t believe. People I had helped in so many ways turned their backs on us, walked away and when they did find themselves walking in my direction, crossed over to the other side to avoid having any contact with me. There was one person that I actually helped secure employment with the government that I went to when I realized things were not working out and was in desperate need of a job.  I got so many excuses as to why they could not do it, knowing it was not true. But that’s not the end of that story because what one person won’t do God always has someone lined up who will and after four years I did get the job retaining my grade level and seniority.

Actually, if I had just left I could have gone back to the job after only a year: I wasn’t ready to leave, to move from one state to another as the offers continually came from another state. There’s a message in this as well. Sometimes you have to go to grow!

Let me say this, I share my story to benefit someone else; not to put anyone on blast but to let you know, you can still rise from any sufferings, wrongs, or injustices that have come against you. You can rise from being broke, busted and disgusted. You can rise from losing stuff (yes I said stuff!). You can rise from being lied on, lied to, counted out, talked about, broken promises made by others to you that caused you to look plum foolish as you made promises to others based on the word of man: You can rise from the very pits of hell. Unemployed? You can rise! Crazy children and family? You can rise! Homeless? You can rise! No money or low money? You can rise! Health Issues? You can rise!

I am not broken. I hold no grudges against anyone. I love all. I am whole and I RISE! Let this become your testimony.

It’s time to roll away the tomb and RISE!
Still I Rise 3