Your team can and should be the catalyst that helps you take your vision to reality. It’s crucial you make sure you have the right players with you as you embark upon your venture into the unknown. Having said that, I now provide you with a few practical steps in selecting your team players.

  1. Look for and connect with people who want to see you succeed. That’s right! There are some that truly would love to see you fall and will do any and every thing to see to that happening. There may be an enemy in the camp.
  2. Look for and connect with people that have strengths and weaknesses different from your own. Yes, you can draw from their strengths and work with their weaknesses. The partnership between you and your team member should be mutually satisfying meaning they should be able to draw from your strength and you should be able to do the same with theirs.
  3. Look for and connect with people with different skillsets and abilities than you have. Diversity in skills and abilities brings completion to the tasks. You will free yourself to focus on your areas of expertise.
  4. Look for and connect with people who are passionate about what they do. You cannot fail when you find someone who loves what they are already doing becoming a part of your team.
  5. Look for and connect with people who can mentor you along the way. Mentorship is very important! You will never know it all. Remain teachable and look for those that have gone before you and learn from them. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
  6. Look for and connect with those you can mentor–mentees. Yes, as you remain teachable, learn, and grow, you should find someone or several perhaps that you can help to mold and shape and help their visions manifest.
  7. Lastly, look for and connect with those that recognize although this is a vision, it is the start of a business/ministry/home purchase/return to school/etc., and often require not only physical support but financial support as well. Look for those that can help and assist you financially as you pursue your endeavors.

I’ve given you a few tips or reminders that can help you as you are selecting your team players. It goes without saying that you never want to choose anyone that you know is against you as a part of your team. Grab your cheerleaders, sound the horn, and head for the finishing line!