When considering purchasing or renovating a house, many times upon outward inspection it looks like minor repairs are needed. Once the walls are torn down and upon further inspection, it’s discovered that there is some structural damage that was unseen to the naked eye until the demolition started and the renovation began. And so it is with us.

Opening walls reveals hidden damage often a result of years of neglect or improperly done work.

Our outer appearance, may look to those viewing or inspecting, like we have it all together. We look the part. We dress the part. We talk the part. Upon digging deeper though it is discovered there is much work to do. Rebuilding begins from the inside out.

Yes, we play our roles really well telling those close to us (deceiving ourselves) that all is well. Life couldn’t be better we say. We are some of the best actors when it comes to hiding who we really are inside or maybe where we are in life. Yet…truth is there is much work that needs to be done.

When we begin the renovation process we discover so much about ourselves. We discover years of pent-up frustrations, hurts, anger, disappointments, low self-esteem, and people pleasing: in essence there are a lot of structural issues that must be dealt with in order to become totally and completely whole—starting from the inside. Once it’s done on the inside it has no choice but to flow to the outside AND you won’t have to tell people you are well, it will show!

We have to deal with these issues in order to bring our lives in alignment with what the Creator has planned for us.

There has been a disproportionate amount of damage that MUST be resolved to help us to begin the healing process; to take the necessary steps to become whole.

Rebuilding can be very painful as it causes a person to take an in-depth look at themselves; introspection is required and what we find may rip us to pieces.

As you take a close, serious look at whatever in your life is not working, dig deeper and understand the “why’s” as to it not working properly; the root cause. Once that’s been identified, deal with it. Ignoring the issues will not make them go away. Actually the reverse is true; ignoring leads to delaying the renovation/rebuilding process.

If there’s a health issue, financial issue, relationship issue, trust issue, fear in any way, procrastination issue, whatever the issue may be, deal with it. Get completely honest with yourself. It is only then that the rebuilding can take place. Dig deep!

My parting question to us is “Will thou be made whole?” No excuses. If your answer is yes then start today and take back your joy, peace, relationships, finances, health—take back everything that the enemy has robbed you of. Rebuilding requires—

  1. Acknowledging the issue(s)
  2. Accepting where you are currently
  3. Deciding this is not the life you are destined to live
  4. Forgiving yourself and others
  5. Focusing on what you need to do to begin again
  6. Starting the process and working daily to become the person you aspire to be
  7. Tackling one issue at a time

I write and talk about being or becoming whole on a regular basis. You may ask me why. I know that there are so, so many people that are dealing with this issue and not addressing them. I know firsthand of life’s hurts that can make one feel stuck/helpless/hopeless. I know that bad things do happen to good people often as a result of no negligence on their parts. I know that a root of bitterness can set in and keep us from being our best.

I also know that this is not God’s will for our lives. He says in His word that He wants us to be whole and He asks the question: Will thou be made whole?

Today is the day to say yes!

Inspired by HGTV’s Flip or Flop, Property Brothers, Buying & Selling and Love It or List It