Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book: To God be the Glory–The Manifested Glory of God: The Breakthrough from the chapter “Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way”

Life’s Lesson Learned On a Road Trip

Wow, you can get a life lesson anywhere! Isn’t that awesome?

Well let me share another life’s lesson learned while taking a road trip. So here goes…

I was traveling from Carson, CA to Oceanside, CA which is normally about an hour and a half to a two hour drive. I’m traveling the 405 freeway to the 5. At first, traffic was flowing smoothly and 65 mph was a breeze. Then later traffic came to almost a standstill. For the sake of sharing this story let’s just say the first 30 – 45 minutes was smooth sailing. The next 30 minutes or so traffic was at about 10 mph as the freeway was congested with travelers heading to their various destinations during the holiday weekend.

After about 20 minutes in the snail-paced traffic, driving at 10 mph, I thought “I should turn back. This is ridiculous.” Then a thought occurred to me…”You’re actually closer to your destination and to turn back now would be insane. There are more miles behind you than left to go.” Are you feeling me yet?

Traffic starts to flow again and I’m happy. But then, guess what? It slows down again. Bummer! Ouch! But this time instead of thinking about turning back, I took in the sights. I watched people in the ocean on boats. I saw people pulling over and taking selfies to include them and the ocean view. I watched military men along the side of the road in tanks. I saw the mountains and I really began to enjoy the journey. And then, guess what? Traffic picks up again and I sail right on into Oceanside without a hiccup.

Isn’t that how life goes? We start off on a journey and it’s full speed ahead. We sing—Ain’t No Stopping Us Now! But then a curveball is thrown. Maybe it’s a sickness, a job loss, the death of a loved one, a child in trouble, the list goes on and on…and we come to almost a complete standstill.

Once the crisis is over, we go back in pursuit of our intended destination—dreams, goals, visions, and we creep along. We pick up momentum and get back in the swing of things. We’ve gotten our groove back and we launch full speed ahead only to have another curveball thrown at us. Incredible!

Most times when these distractions or I’ll say when life shows up, we get frustrated, upset, whine, complain and ask that question that so many of us ask—Why me? But why not you or me for that matter? We know the same things that can happen to others and do happen to others can happen to us. So why the question? I just say it’s human nature and rhetorical in nature but nevertheless we ask it.

The next time you’ve set out on a goal to launch a business, lose weight, become debt free, get a degree, grow and have a closer relationship with God, grow and have a closer relationship with family, to give up an addictive habit, I challenge you to remember that no one is immune to life’s happening and even though things don’t happen as we wish they would, if you get back on track after the hiccup, you will accomplish your intended goal, vision, and/or dream.

And lastly, sometimes these things teach us we might need to make some course adjustments or allow us the opportunity to really reflect to see if what we’re pursuing is actually what we really want. So take life in stride. Be kind to others. Be kind to yourself and know that these things will happen. Delayed but not denied.