I have a little exercise for you to do. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and take a trip down memory lane. Think back to when you were a child– carefree, optimistic and believing that you could do anything you want and be anything you wanted to be. Can you see it? Can you see yourself as that child full of hope? You were happy and felt you could conquer the world. It was yours for the taking.

Now I want you to remember what it was you dreamed of and why it was so important to you.  Remember the excitement you felt. When asked by your parents or elementary school teacher what is it you want to be and do when you grow up; you excitedly raised your hand and responded “I want to _____________________ (you fill in the blanks)”.  And then someone, although well-meaning, told you to be more realistic. You were told that due to your family background, your race, your level of  (their perceived) intelligence or learning disability, that you should set your sights on something more suitable for you. That person shattered your hopes and dreams and put doubt into your mind as to your capabilities. And then, you decided instead of pursuing your vision and dreams you would settle for something safer, something more suitable for you as defined by them. And the magic was lost. The excitement gone.  You were a child and easily impressionable by the loving, caring parents and teachers. After all, they had your best interest at heart. They didn’t want you to set yourself up for failure. Although well-meaning they unknowingly did just that when they placed the doubt in your mind and gave you all of the reasons why you could not achieve your dream of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, a successful entrepreneur, a judge, whatever.

You grow up and become an adult and your entire life has been shaped by those words you heard early on. Unknowingly you have fed yourself those lines year after year after year to the point to where this has become your truth. You’ve replayed the scene(s) over and over again and when you dared to step outside of the box and actually pursue an old dream, you find yourself returning to the voices from long ago and retreating to what is familiar, to what is safe. And you live life based on your perceived limitations.

Today I have some good news for you and it is this–It Is Time for You To S.O.A.R.!  It is time for you to reconnect to the child within and start to believe as you did when you were younger–that you CAN pursue your purpose with passion and succeed in being and doing whatever it is you desire to do. S.O.A.R. is an acronym that I use in my book, Pursuing Your Purpose With Passion, which stands for Seeing Over Average Results. In Shawn Anderson’s book, SOAR to the Top, SOAR stands for Seeing, Organizing, Acting and Rejecting. Shawn encourages the readers to rise above the crowd and fly away to your dream. In my book, I encourage readers to identify their purpose and once done, apply the “PPP’s”–praying, planning, preparing, partnering, patience and obtain the promise or manifestation of whatever it is they pursue. In essence, although different wording was used, we both encourage you to FLY!

I saw a post that stated FLY is First Love Yourself. Awesome isn’t it? First Love Yourself by becoming and being the best you that you can be and SOARing!

You were not created to be mediocre. You were placed here to fully utilize your gifts for such a time as this. You are gifted, talented, anointed, and appointed. You have what it takes inside of you to make it happen. You can do it!

Greatness is the destiny for many BUT it only comes when one starts to believe, to really believe, in God first and in themselves. One of my favorite scriptures is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. I can and so can you.

I encourage you to do the exercise, seriously reconnect with your inner child, think about what you are passionate about, what you believe to be your calling or assignment and once done, go for it. Refuse to listen to that voice that tells you you’re not good enough. Tell that voice that tells you you’re not smart enough to shut up. When the voices from the past (and possibly some you’ve heard more recently that seems to reinforce the earlier voices) try to tell you what you’re not, tell it that you will no longer listen to the lies. Stick your chest out, study like you’ve never studied before and do what you’ve only dreamt of and watch your life take you on levels you’ve only dreamed of in the past. Watch as you begin to SOAR. Watch how God moves mightily and rewards your efforts. I dare you to do it!

One final word–In AA and Al-Anon and other support groups, they tell a person in order to make whatever changes lasting ones, you need to change playmates and playgrounds. You cannot hang out with the same people and expect to achieve or pursue your purpose. Get with like-minded people. Stay in the company of like-minded people. Remove yourself from the naysayers. Run as fast as you can from the drainers. You know who they are. Sometimes you just have to lose some weight. It may hurt…it will hurt but the benefits will outweigh the hurts and if done in the right spirit, you may have an opportunity to circle back and pick them up…later. This is about YOU! This is about YOUR being the person that God wants you to be. This is not about being selfish but rather putting things in proper perspective.

Take the challenge. Again, I dare you to. Guess what will happen? You’ll be happier and lead a more rewarding and fulfilling life. You will most likely be able to bless many others by your obedience. You will be successful. You will succeed!


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