Is It Time for A Prescription Refill?

When combating an illness or having an infection, one’s doctor usually prescribes some form of medication or antibiotic to take. The instructions usually state to take ALL and one is told to take them all even if they begin to feel better. What happens more often than not is a person will consistently take the prescribed dosage of medication until they begin to feel better and then discontinue it. Well, I cannot say more often than not: I can say this is how I’ve done it so many times.

In the past I’ve battled and dealt with a really bad cold. When the symptoms first began I started taking Vitamin C and cold medicines in addition to my regular doses of multi-vitamins and other vitamins. The minute I began to feel better I immediately discontinued the cold medicine. Guess what? It took longer than told me to fully clear up. Want to guess why? I’ll tell you. I did not take the medicine as prescribed for the duration required in order to clear it completely. Don’t be critical or judgmental of me. You can think of situations too where you’ve failed to take the prescribed dosage for as long as needed to clear up the issue or illness.

Let’s see. You go to a financial planner, sit down and come up with a great plan for becoming debt-free, purchasing your new home or whatever your financial goals may be. You start off doing some or part of what’s recommended, but then you slip. See yourself yet? Okay keep reading.

You have decided for the umpteenth time you are going to become physically fit– so you meet with a fitness expert: a diet and exercise plan is done specifically tailored for you. You start off running, excited and after a week or two you slip back into your old habits. Can you see yourself in this? Not yet. Keep reading.

So you have decided for the final time that regardless of what, you are going to get yourself together spiritually. The plan is already laid out for you in the Word as to how, but you decide you’ll deviate just a little bit from that plan and devise your own. Maybe you decide you’ll do a part of what you know you need to do. After all, a part is doing good, am I right about it? Well I think you know partial obedience is disobedience. So even when you set your plan in motion, it’s just not going to work.

In John 5:6-10, Jesus is having a conversation with a man who has been infirmed for 38 years. He questions him about his condition, asked him “Wilt thou be made whole?” and the man immediately begins to make excuses as to why he’s still in that condition after 38 years. Jesus told him to rise up, take up his bed and walk, and immediately the man was made whole.

Are you ready to be made whole? Get a prescription refill, follow the recommended dosage and you will be. Get a refill! It’s your time!