The Power of A Praying Family


A family that prays together stays together.  Think it’s just another cliché?  I beg to differ with you.  There is power in prayer and a family that comes together regularly in prayer seeking God’s direction for their lives, will even if living miles apart, stay together.


The bible tells us that a house divided against itself shall not stand. Mark 3:25.  We know this to be true so what is the glue that will hold the house or family together?  A very important, and I believe the most important piece of the puzzle, or the most important glue is regular prayer time among the family.  Why do I believe this?  For several reasons some of which are stated below.


Coming together regularly in prayer, be it in person, by phone, Skype, or whatever mode is used means that the family is genuinely seeking God’s direction for their lives…in other words they are adhering to the scriptures by putting God first seeking His wisdom, knowledge, guidance, direction and understanding.  God honors any family or group of individuals that collectively come together seeking to do things His way.  It is all throughout the Word and there’s no disputing that.


I Thessalonians 5:17 tells us we are to pray without ceasing.  The bible lets us know that Jesus prayed with his disciples, with others and sometimes he went alone to pray.


There is much power in prayer.  I know you’ve heard—much prayer, much power, little prayer, little power, no prayer, no power.


Start a regular weekly prayer time with your family.  Now to further define family lest you think I am merely talking about those in your bloodline, family consists of not only those in your bloodline or home but those who are believers, those who are seekers, and so many others.  Your family can be your neighbors, your co-workers, as well as those within your church and other churches.  We actually when we look at family have an extremely large family.  For the sake of this writing though, let’s start with those in our own homes and then enlarge our territory to include and bring in other family members.


And when you pray, don’t forget to pray for our leaders, our government officials, our pastors, our bosses, our co-workers…bottom line don’t just pray for you.  If you invest time praying for not only your needs and the needs of those within your household, but for those of others, God will make sure your needs are always met and someone will keep you on their lips and in their heart before God.


We’re moving forward, identifying and tapping into the power that’s been within us the whole time; powers we have not used.  If we want to see changes take place we must use the power we’ve been given through going to our Father in prayer.  He’ll lead, guide and direct us into all truths and the way we should go.  Come on family, its praying time!