Growing up, I remember my grandmother, aunts, great-aunt and I would often quilt. We had quilting horses or frames, lots of material most often taken from clothing, some old, some new, needles and thread and we’d weave those pieces together until we had a beautiful finished product. Some were some really crazy quilt pieces.

We had so much fun gathered together doing this!

I remember one quilt in particular. This one had squares stitched together but all throughout there were stars in the quilt. These stars were actually sewn together and strategically placed at different places throughout the quilt. These were the focal points of the quilt.

The stars were actually often pieced together using scraps of old cloth. Crazy quilt pieces! But isn’t this the way life is? Let me explain.

In life we meet or know or possibly are one of many crazy quilt pieces. Family members—some saved, some unsaved, family nevertheless. And with the drama that often takes place–crazy quilt pieces.

Friends—diversity, opinionated, various beliefs–crazy quilt pieces.

In life, our stars often consist of friends, relatives, co-workers, and others that don’t actually fit the status quo. Our stars may be those that have made many mistakes in life or do not necessarily fit into the desired mold we envision but they are our stars–those doggone crazy quilt pieces.

I was reminded just the other day the importance of having those crazy quilt pieces in life. Often to accomplish anything we have to have those with different personalities, different strengths,different weaknesses and different looks than we’re accustomed to; but please, whatever you do, don’t overlook the value in those crazy quilt pieces. They may just be the ones God is using to take you and them to the next level. So when you encounter someone different from you, don’t run from them, stick around and find out what role you are to play in each others lives and then just do it. Yep, those crazy quilt pieces can be so valuable. Embrace them! They may be your stars.