Women Stepping Outside the Box on Blind Faith

As women we know what it means to step out on blind faith.  For any of us that have raised children, gotten married, started a job, opened a business, obtained a degree, started a ministry, purchased a car or done any of numerous things, we know that it has taken faith to do all of these things.  So many people say that they like to play it safe or not be so risky, but all of life is a risk.  The bible tells us we walk by faith and not by sight and as women of God, we do.

In order to do anything we must have faith—blind faith.  Faith is simply believing without seeing.  It is expecting to see whatever it is we desire manifest.  It takes faith to go to school for 4 years to obtain a degree.  It takes faith to start a business.  It takes faith to get married (especially in this day and age); trusting another and embracing them takes a whole lot of faith especially after we’ve suffered or endured a bad relationship.

It takes faith to bring a child into this world.  It takes faith to do anything.  When I hear people say that they like to be safe in their decisions, the first thought that crosses my mind is all of life is a risk and we must have faith in God, faith in ourselves and sometimes faith in others to do whatever we set out to do.

There are a lot of Esther’s in this world.  There are those that say by their actions—I can do this.  I will do this.  I must do this and if I perish, I perish.  Our actions show it.

The bible tells us the just shall live by faith.  I say we are the just.  There are so many women in the bible that operated in faith, but we don’t have to go to the Word, we can look at our own individual lives and see what we’ve accomplished and know that it was by faith that we were able to do it.

Many times when we step out on faith and pursue whatever it is we desire, we are called foolish, impractical, unrealistic; everything except faith-filled yet we continue on.  Why?  Because we’ve decided that whatever it is we pursue is worth it.

I began many years ago pursuing some things that I knew God had birthed in me.  Like many of you that have stepped out, I was lied on, cheated, talked about, mistreated, misunderstood, and rejected by many.  I was told that I was the wrong person doing the right thing.  I was talked down to.  Often there was a lack of finances as well as a lack of support from those I thought really would.  But because of the fact that I continued to pursue what God had given me, I am now seeing some manifestations of the promises.  To God be the glory!

The bible tells us that if we have faith as a grain of mustard seed we can say to the mountains be thou removed and it shall be done.  We can speak to our mountains.  A grain of mustard seed is so tiny! That’s all we need though.

I encourage you today to continue to walk by faith; to continue to dare to go after what God has birthed in you; to continue to reach and teach others; to continue to pursue the dreams and visions inside you.  You are not too young nor are you too old.  You are just the right age and size.  You have everything you need inside of you.  You are blessed to be a blessing.  You are the gift that God is using to touch and bless many lives.  You are valuable.  You are gifted.  You are anointed.  You have not just enough but more than enough.  You can do it.  You will do it and whatever you do, do it all for God’s glory.

In previous articles, I wrote about obtaining wisdom.  Please don’t mistake these writings for being foolish in your decisions,  Get wisdom.  Get understanding.  Get the plan for your life and then go for it!  Remember Jeremiah 29:11.  Get God’s plan for your life.

Affirmation:  I am a woman who walks by blind faith daily expecting to see the hand of God move in my life in tremendous ways.  I am anointed.  I am appointed.  I am gifted.  I am talented.  I am a giver.  I am a teacher.  I have something to offer to the world that no one else can give.  I press!  I am loved by God.  I am the righteousness of God.  I am blessed and I vow to be a faith-walker from this day forward.