“Got Wisdom? Get Understanding”


“Get wisdom, get understanding: forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth.  Forget her not, and she shall preserve thee; love her and she shall keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:5-7


The above passage of scripture is more than likely very familiar to bible scholars: to those of us that are not, let’s dig deeper and explore the how-to’s.

On many occasions I have gone to those I perceive to be wise seeking advice and actually gotten some great words of wisdom from them; however there was no understanding obtained initially.   It’s taken several trips or visits to the same source to get real understanding or clarity.

Let’s go on a level we all can relate to.  Have you ever sought assistance from an agency, a store, a supplier and received one bit of instruction thinking you have the answer to your problem or the whole enchilada only to realize that you only have incomplete or inaccurate information?  In order to get real understanding you’ve had to make several trips or phone calls, speaking with many different people. Voila!  Finally!!!

Breaking it down further, can you think of a situation where you have gone to possibly a cell phone company and been given great information by the representative only to find you’ve been misinformed?  (I love dealing with cell phone providers.  You never get a straight answer.) You’re wise to seek the help needed but where is the understanding?

I’m sure as you read this several incidents come to mind where you have experienced something similar. I’ve actually left some “experts” in their field more confused than when I initially sought out the help.

On a spiritual level, do not leave your learning or teachings solely to that of  others.  Explore the word for yourself.  Seek revelation.  God gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding.  We have to aggressively seek it from our Source.  And yes, oftentimes we have to go to other resources He’s provided us, but do your homework first.  Have some foundation and then if unclear, go to others wiser than you and seek assistance and guidance.

I encourage you as you go about life, dig deeper. Don’t stop until you have gotten all of the information needed.  Continually seek until you get real understanding.  Always be cognizant of the fact that the initial contact may not yield the desired result.

Get wisdom, but always remember to get understanding.  Study and learn everything you need to know about the subject matter. Seek counsel of those more knowledgeable than you.  By doing so it may possibly save you from making numerous mistakes in life. After all, the reason many of us make the mistake is because we simply don’t know.


Got wisdom?  In all your getting get understanding.  The journey never ends!