The Law of Reciprocity



Reciprocity: Mutually, interchangeable obligation, action or relation.  To reciprocate is to give and receive favors, gifts, etc., mutually; to make a return in kind and lastly, reciprocal is defined as done or given by each of two to the other; mutual.

The definitions shown above are all taken from Webster’s Concise Dictionary of the English Language (Encyclopedic Edition).

So what is the Law of Reciprocity exactly?  How does it work?  How or what governs it?

The Law of Reciprocity simply stated is one hand washing the other and the other reciprocates.  It is biblically sound as scriptures state—Give and it shall be given unto you.  As long as the earth remains there will always be seedtime and harvest.  Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap.

The Law of Reciprocity does not just apply to receipt of money and material things; it applies as it relates to love, encouraging words, a listening ear, in-kind acts—acts of kindness.

This law works for any and all—believers as well as unbelievers.  So if it works, why is it that some have a hard time actually fully understanding and employing this law?  Why so often do people not understand this and receive?

Many have it to a science as to the giving part.  So many give for no reason other than to help a brother or sister in need or they are led to do so by the Holy Spirit; with pure motives.  There are those that go about each and every day looking for someone to help—that is their daily goal; yet those same people have a difficult time receiving either from the person they helped or someone else.  Reciprocity means two doing for each other, however if a need arises in your life and the person you helped does not reciprocate, as often is the case, God will make sure there is someone who will fill the need.  The question is—are you willing to accept the help from those He sends in?

What are some reasons a person refuses help or gifts when presented them?  In my humble opinion, I believe it can be a myriad of reasons, some to include—not feeling worthy, giving and not willing to accept anything in return, suspicious minds, only wanting help from certain people, thinking one has a hidden agenda, pride, shame, ego, guilt, lies—all of these are the enemy playing tricks with one’s mind robbing him/her of the blessing God has for them.

Encouragement: When you’ve given—in secret, with no expectation of return, not for accolades or anything except a sincere desire to help another, be willing also to receive.  There is a law that operates according to the bible—The Law of Reciprocity.  Don’t stop your blessings or that of another.  Decide today to be willing to not only give but to receive as well.  God uses us to bless each other.

Scripture References: Luke 6:38, Genesis 8:22, Galatians 6:7-10, Matthew 5:7, Matthew 25:21, Matthew 6:33