May is the month designated as “Commit to be Fit” month.  In light of that, I have vowed, yes you heard me right VOWED to commit to get fit and stay fit.  I encourage you to join me in this new venture.

Our health is our greatest wealth yet we often neglect to properly take care of ourselves.  Tired from lack of rest.  Sluggish from too much fatty foods and too little exercise, we wonder why we feel the way we feel.  I believe by committing to getting and staying fit a lot of the tiredness will leave us.

This is no light task for those of us who have not aggressively and consistently exercised.

For several years I walked at least 3 – 4 times a week.  Not only did I walk but I race walked and had gotten up to and maintained a 5 mile walk on the days I ventured out. I felt great!  I felt on top of the world!  I felt energized!  And then… I moved to California where my sister would cook not 7 course meals but 10 course meals (slight exaggeration) almost daily.  I sat back and ate and the more I ate the more weight I gained.  I thought initially I had died and gone to heaven.  Even though I am from the South, the people were not cooking like that back there.  I thought, “Heaven must be like this”.  I was so wrong!

Side note:  Isn’t that how the enemy creeps in…subtly?  He presents us with something that looks good, tastes good, feels good and we end up in places we never thought we would be.  Just thinking out loud.

None of us can live in the past and it’s time I stop with past glories.  It is time for a new beginning! Are you ready for yours?

I’m reminded of flights taken and the stewardess’s instructions before the plane left the ground.  He or she would say–“In the event of severe turbulence, if traveling with a child,  please take the time to place the oxygen mask over your face first and then place it over the child’s.  That applies to life in general.  We must take care of ourselves in order to run our race and not wear ourselves out.  We must get proper rest, drink plenty of water, eat right and exercise.  In doing so, although initially there will be some pain, we will feel and be better and have longevity to finish the race we started. We must do this as we cannot be of any good to anyone until or unless we do get our priorities in order.

Get re-focused!  Stay focused!  Learn the power of no!  And let’s go!!!

GP are you with me?  Okay so I’ll know by you letting me know if you truly are.  If you’re committing or re-committing, add a comment here or send me a message on facebook or twitter.  Let’s post some before pictures and then post our fine, fit selves with our after photo’s.

Ain’t no stopping us now!!!  May 1st here we come!