Are You A Procrastinator or Simply Overwhelmed?

I’ve spoken it countless times; written it even more and emphatically stated that procrastination is a thief. To this day I believe this to be true. The question I’ve asked myself over the past week or so is—Am I really procrastinating or am I totally overwhelmed by the never-ending, humongous to-do list. This is the question I pose to you today.

As women, we find ourselves being everything from a mother to a daughter, a chauffeur to an accountant, an employee, a business owner, a nurse, a caregiver, the housekeeper, doctor, lawyer, and Indian chief. Well you get the gist of what I infer. We whip out our Superwoman or Wonder Woman cape, place it on our shoulders and off we go. To-do list in hand, we are ready to conquer the world. After all, we know that we are well able to do all that we set out to do. Right? Wrong!

Sometimes we need to retire the capes and learn the art of effective delegating. I read a short while ago that a great boss knows how to hire the right people to do the job and then get out of their way and allow them to do the job. How many times have we hired the right people, given them the jobs, and then because they may not do it exactly as we do, take it back.

I recall an incident where I was recovering from surgery and a wonderful friend of mine came over daily to make sure my meals were prepared and even volunteered to do laundry for me. She sat on the edge of my bed folding my clothes just chatting away totally oblivious to what was going on inside of me. The entire time instead of being thankful I was cringing. You see I fold my towels and clothing a certain way.

I made the mistake of saying to her that she was not folding them properly. She pushed them to me and said “fold them yourself then”. What’s my point in sharing this story? I’ll tell you—here I am on bed rest for an extended period of time, my help has come and because she didn’t do it my way, I literally fired a volunteer. Laugh if you want. You know you’ve been there on some level.

I’ll share another story. I am a firm believer that the early bird catches the worm. As such, I am the first one usually at stores when they open when I know I need something. I am the first in line to get an oil change. And no one can beat me to the 99 Cents Store by 7 A.M! That’s opening time! My daughter is just the opposite. As long as it gets done at any point during the day, she’s okay with it. No set meal times. No set times for anything but she does manage to get things done. Not me! Not Wonder Woman and so because she lags and drags (in my humble opinion), I just cannot have her do the tasks that I need to be done. And she’s off to do them herself…Wonder Woman that is!

Worn out, exhausted, completely spent by the end of the day, she makes an effort at getting a little bit of rest so that she can start the next day doing more of the same. She being me!

Okay so I’ve shared enough stories. What’s my point in all of this? Sometimes we mistakenly state on certain issues that procrastination has robbed us of getting done what we know needs to get done. Again, I believe this to be true, BUT sometimes the issue is one of being totally overwhelmed and not accepting the help that’s presented us. Don’t be so phlegmatic, as I have been; stubborn, unyielding, relentless in my beliefs that things have to be done my way, on my time table or not at all, that you overlook the help that’s readily available.

Yes, I readily admit my faults. Today is a new day and I say to any and all, if you’re really truly willing—I want and need help. Like Erica Campbell sings—“HELP” well today I say, Lord I need your help and I need the help of others. Today is the day I retire my capes. I’m tired! Are you ready to do the same?

So the word says you have not because you ask not. You’ve been asking and someone showed up. Maybe, just maybe you rejected them as they didn’t do it your way.

In the words of Jewel Diamond Taylor—“let it go boo, let it go!”

Happy Saturday!