Regina G. Mixon

Are You A Procrastinator or Simply Overwhelmed?

I’ve spoken it countless times; written it even more and emphatically stated that procrastination is a thief. To this day I believe this to be true. The question I’ve asked myself over the past week or so is—Am I really procrastinating or am I totally overwhelmed by the never-ending, humongous to-do list. This is the question I pose to you today.

As women, we find ourselves being everything from a mother to a daughter, a chauffeur to an accountant, an employee, a business owner, a nurse, a caregiver, the housekeeper, doctor, lawyer, and Indian chief. Well you get the gist of what I infer. We whip out our Superwoman or Wonder Woman cape, place it on our shoulders and off we go. To-do list in hand, we are ready to conquer the world. After all, we know that we are well able to…

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