“Okay Lord, I’ve fasted, prayed, confessed and believed that things were going to change in my life. I’ve done this over and over and over again, so the question to you is– what’s really wrong with me?” Does this sound familiar? Does it sound like something you’ve thought to yourself or maybe said during certain seasons in your life? I definitely have!

I’ve asked questions like why I am not getting the results I want. Then a light bulb went off and I had an “aha” moment. Eureka! Could it be…is it possible…no it can’t be…but maybe, just maybe…oh well I’ll say it…maybe I am actually not doing what I truly need to do. Wow, that was hard to admit.

But before you start to judge me, I encourage you to look at the man or woman in the mirror first. When you finish reading these writings you might just be able to empathize with me. Hence, you might just see yourself.

Okay, so you want to grow spiritually, physically, financially, relational, intellectually—you just want to grow and be the best version of you that you can be—the real authentic you that you’ve been hiding. My question to you is–are you being consistently consistent as well as persistent in manifesting the changes or being the person you desire to be?

You’ve heard the saying if you want to have what others have, you have to be willing to do what others have done, i.e., you’ve got to pay the price.  That is, those things that are done the right way.

Joyce Meyer talks about planning your pain and planning your pleasure. Believe me when change takes place there will be lots of pain. We try to hold onto what’s comfortable and familiar. Those 30 pounds that you’ve been thinking about losing—it’s really okay. That exercise program you started and stopped—that budget that you were so adamant at the beginning of the year you would stick to—that vow to read your bible every single day—the promise you made to yourself to read, study, and listen to tapes of others to become literate in so many areas all fell by the wayside. Your plan of being focused, faithful, fearless…Wait a minute! That wasn’t you. That was me!

Well Resurrection Sunday just passed and it is time for the resurrection of me. It is absolutely not too late to start over. I will become and be wiser. I will lose the weight. I will establish and maintain my budget. I will have not just good relationships but great relationships with those I love. I will read and study and be the best me that I can be. I will be consistent and persistent and I will move forward.

What’s wrong with me? Nothing. Just needed a reality check; a wake-up call. And I say there is nothing wrong with you. Just consider this your wake-up call and let’s plan our pain as well as our pleasure. Yes, when we’ve accomplished one thing we should stop and reward ourselves and continue moving forward.

I’m in it to win it! I know you are too!

Hey, the resurrection of me! Yes!!!