Having an insatiable appetite for knowledge has led me from an avid reader to a voracious one, absorbing and digesting information to obtain answers to some of my many questions.  Not only have I progressed in my desire to read more devouring and analyzing the works: I have also started listening to and watching more tapes/DVD’s as a means of learning.  Questions such as who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Who are pioneers in their fields?  Who inspired them?  Who motivated them?  Who were their initial team members?  Did it consist of family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc.?

What did they do?  What field did they go into?  What led to their success?  What methods did they use?  What obstacles or challenges did they have to overcome in order to achieve or realize their vision?  What mistakes did they make along the way?

When did these events take place?  Where did they take place?  Where did it all get started if the pioneer launched out obtaining franchises?

Why did they do it?  Why did they go against the grain so to speak and persist in accomplishing their goals?

How did they do it?  Did it start slowly and progress to the desired result over a period of days, months or possibly years?  How did they obtain operating capital to start their business?  How did they promote and market their products? How did they get dedicated people to become a part of their team?  How did they overcome the challenges of day-to-day living?

I’ve heard it said many times, “In order to know where one is going, its imperative one finds out where others have been”.  Maybe not in those exact words but why reinvent the wheel when there are many that have paved the way for us?  Undoubtedly, there is much truth in this saying.

Now don’t assume that I search these merely for the sake of starting a business; answers to these questions can basically help anyone pursue their purpose with passion.  Answers provide a means of helping remove excuses and a wealth of information for those pursuing whatever their intended or desired goal.

As an example, if one is focused and determined to purchase a house, get a degree, start a business, answers to the above questions will possibly help the vision or dream become reality.  There is nothing that is taking place that has not happened in someone’s life before you.

Don’t neglect the most important reference book there is—the bible.  This book contains some invaluable information and provides history on some of the greatest people that ever lived.

Obtain the knowledge necessary for you to accomplish your goals, visions and dreams by studying the works of those that have gone before you.  You’ve heard it said, “Knowledge is power”.  I disagree, knowledge in and of itself is useless, but properly applied it can lead you to great power.

And don’t forget, the bible tells us that wisdom is the principal thing but in all of our getting, get understanding.  Get wisdom, knowledge and understanding.   In doing so, you are guaranteed success and power.