Allow me to pose a question or two to you.  How many have found themselves caught up in situations that they really don’t want to be in?  Let me give you an example.  You have two people you are extremely fond of and they are at odds with each other.  You are in an awkward position.

Is it fair to have to feel that one has to choose sides?  Is it even right?  Not!

If neither party has done a thing to offend you then why should you have to endure unnecessary separations because of their actions. Totally ridiculous!

The bible tells us if we have a problem with our brother or sister we should go to them and tell them of the offense.  If they don’t hear you then you take a few others with you to try to resolve the situation.  My point is there are steps to take but never have I read where it says to go to someone else before going to the offender and blab about what he or she may have done.

I do understand that everyone we deal with may not be Christians but we as Christians should at least follow our road map.

Please give me your thoughts on this.

I believe people waste a lot of valuable time in strife, division, confusion, separation, etc.  None of that is of God.

I say, get it right and move on but don’t get others caught up in the drama.

Comments welcomed