For those that are interested in networking, meeting new people and promoting your business and/or ministry, check out The 411 Cafe Network at

Look at what Joy has to say about it–

The 411 Cafe’ Network is more than just a newsletter, website or a networking event. It’s about people coming together in a common goal who understand the power of networking and sharing information. It’s about using our collective human resources to better our lives, our families and our communities!

Use this website to promote your business, share your good news and photos. But also take that extra step and to get to know your fellow 411C members, learn what they do, connect with them and see how you can be of service to them and let them know how they can help you.

I want to thank Regina Mixon for an excellent presentation yesterday at the September 411 Cafe’ mixer at my home in Carson. Regina reminded me why I originally published the 411 Cafe’ newsletter and re-energized my passion and dedication to truly making this an effective and successful networking service for everyone!

I’m asking and encouraging all 411 Cafe’ members to learn about the businesses, events and 411 featured on this website. Share the information with your family and friends, let’s help each other. Refer your family and friends to the services, businesses and events featured on this website and let’s see how much of a blessing we can be for one another!

Thank you for telling everyone know about the 411 Cafe’ website.

Joy Lewis,
411 Cafe’ Network/Newsletter