Today is the day set aside to give thanks for our many, many blessings.  I am a firm believer that every day is a day of Thanksgiving.  However, since this is the designated day on our calendars, I will  list the many things I am thankful for.

  1. For Family
  2. For Friends
  3. For great Co-workers and colleagues
  4. For life, health and strength
  5. For the basics that many take for granted–electricity, gas, food, clothing, a roof over my head, a job
  6. For having a God that loves me in spite of me
  7. For having so many wonderful people in my life
  8. For Jewel Diamond Taylor (one of my mentors)
  9. For Henry Harris with Spiritco1 internet radio and The Stellar Awards Gospel Music Academy
  10. For Annette Jones Davidson and Women of Purpose and Determination
  11. For Sisters of the Word Book Club members
  12. The list goes on and on…

Whatever you do this day, don’t only say to yourself how thankful you are, acknowledge it to those who have made a difference in your life.

If you notice on the list, the main things I am thankful for are God and people.

Look for my upcoming book, “Glory, Wind Beneath My Wings” scheduled for release February 19, 2010. Check out the cover on our website…

In this book, I profile many who have been the wind beneath my wings.  It is my personal “Who’s Who” and profiles  unsung heroes and sheroes. It’s my way of saying thanks.

You may not be an author but there are many ways to acknowledge those who are and have been the wind beneath your wings.  People need to know they have positively impacted your life.  Many don’t fully understand the roles played in your success.  Tell them!

For every success, there are many people behind the scenes assisting, praying, encouraging, believing, and helping to make whatever dream a reality.  Acknowledge yours and always give God the glory.