I’m sure there are many people that believe they have continually given of their time to so many yet when they have been in need of others time they are no where around.  What advice do the readers have for a person in this situation?

Many are overwhelmed by the day to day issues related to life.  Some women tend to be overachievers, nurturers and caretakers for so many.  What can we say to those that are attempting to balance work, family, church, school, extended family, etc., etc..?  How do they fit in time to do other things when they are already overloaded. 

I’m in total agreement with Annette and Felonesecia.  We all have 24 hours a day, 7  days a week.  Writing a daily to do list as Annette stated is one way of having some sort of schedule in place to make time to do some things.   BUT, what happens when one feels they have given of their time, talents and money for many years to assist others yet during their greatest time of need the people are not there.

Let’s hear what you have to say on this.