In January 2002 I wrote an article that was published in the local newspapers titled, “The Greatest Gift One Can Give is the Gift of Time”. Reflecting today I thought this very appropriate now and bears repeating. During the holidays many are depressed. There are losses in so many ways– isolation, depression, families separated through members living in various states or those with loved ones in jail, fighting in the war, hospitalized, in nursing homes or separated through strife, division or confusion. Many times we look for ways to give tangible gifts but often times what one needs is the gift of time. A purchased gift does not ease the pain of that elderly family member that has no visitors and is mostly in isolation. The gift of time is better. That family member that is incarcerated or hospitalized would probably appreciate a visit, a letter, a personal touch much more than something tangible. While celebrating this holiday season give a gift that requires nothing more than slowing down and often no money. Give someone you love the gift of time.  That gift is priceless. Whatever you sow you will reap so sow into someone’s life time and when it’s your time of need God will make sure there is someone to do the same for you. Encourage someone. Slow down and celebrate life. And take the time to let those that are nearest and dearest to you know that they are loved. Have a wonderful holiday and remember when you think you have nothing to give you can always give the gift of time.

Please share your thoughts and other ways of sharing your time with me and the readers.