Let me tell you a little story of “The Haves and the Have Not’s” and no it has nothing to do with Tyler Perry’s show by the same name (just inspired by it). This is a story of The Haves (the affluent) and The Have Not’s (the dejected and downtrodden).

Once upon a time there was an elite group of people–let’s call them “The Haves” that lived in various places throughout the world. These were people of great means, people who had amassed or acquired great wealth. Not all , but many were considered by some to be haughty, prideful, puffed up due to the fortunes they had obtained. So many snubbed those that were less fortunate (The Have Not’s).

This latter group were people who had not been born with a silver spoon and had huge hardships all throughout their lives causing them to struggle. These are the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, those (for the sake of this story) who have fought all their lives just to have the basic necessities in life.

So “The Haves”, or many of them, looked down their noses at “The Have Not’s” and made disparaging comments like: They should just get a better job. I am not trying to help them. They are lazy and need to learn a trade to help themselves. I made it and so can they. They are stupid for finding themselves in the position they’re in. You get the picture. What’s missing is lack of compassion as with the realization that one day they can go from being “The Haves” to a “Have Not” overnight.

What’s the point of this story? To encourage people, no matter where they are in life, to realize that life can and will turn on you without even asking your permission. To encourage people no matter where they are in life to have compassion for those that have fallen on hard times. To encourage people to fully realize that but by the grace of God it could very well be you or I in any of the positions. Yes, one can easily go from a Have to a Have Not, and to encourage you to offer the same compassion to others when they are going through, as you would want someone to offer you. You never know where life will take you.

This message is to encourage you to not look down on others, but as much as humanly possible, help lift a brother or a sister up. A smile, an encouraging word, guidance and direction to help them help themselves, whatever you can give in a positive way is what’s needed.

Many are looking for a hand up and not a hand out. ALL LIVES MATTER!

Karma states what goes around comes around. The bible states what you do for others comes back to you (well not in those exact words but you get the gist of it) It does say for us to do unto others as we would have done unto us.

I close with this. There are many of the “Haves” that offer help to the “Have Not’s” on a daily basis and for this I thank and applaud you. My words today are to encourage those that may find themselves in the first group: the prideful, haughty, proud, opinionated without real facts…to just consider the possibility that one day this could be you or a family member or a close friend and then think about how you would want someone to treat you. No one is immune to the troubles of life. It rains on the just as well as the unjust.

And to The Have Not’s, be gracious enough to accept the help offered. Pride keeps many from living better lives. Charity is love. Accept the help offered.  I’ve heard people say, “I don’t accept charity“. Well you may be turning down a real blessing. Know the difference between a blessing and a handout. Turn down the handouts, accept the blessings.  Just something to think about.

Don’t look at what you have today. It can change SUDDENLY and one can cross over to either side in a heartbeat. Believe me, I’ve lived on both sides.

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You're A Winner


You are a winner! Contrary to the naysayers, you’re a WINNER!

Let me tell you why you are a winner (for those of you that don’t feel like it). You are a winner because–

  1. You are alive and reading this today.
  2. You are determined to make today better than yesterday.
  3. You do not wallow in the pains or guilt of the past.
  4. You readily forgive those who have harmed you in any way.
  5. You trust God as your source.
  6. You believe and look for the best in others.
  7. You strive to become a better student.
  8. You push yourself to limits and beyond that some merely think about.
  9. You realize how blessed you are daily and share those blessings with others.
  10. You are grateful for all that has been entrusted to you and strive to be a good steward.
  11. You love, I mean really, truly love with your whole heart.
  12. You acknowledge the fact that you are not perfect but continually strive for perfection.
  13. You experience life on your own terms.
  14. You have mastered the art of forgiveness: forgiving others as with forgiving yourself.

Remind yourself of the fact that you are a winner on a daily basis. Say to yourself that regardless of what has happened “I AM A WINNER!”. Declare boldly and loudly to all within earshot that WINNING is your new normal!

So, again I say, “Hello You Beautiful Winner”

Now remember, say to yourself daily: WINNING IS MY NEW NORMAL! You will be inspired to go to higher heights as you continually SPEAK this. You will begin to ACT like the winner you are.

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The scenarios are played all throughout the world. Officer involved shootings– be it on the part of a police officer being shot and killed while in the line of duty, or one killed during a routine traffic stop, or the killing of an innocent victim by an officer or any number of scenarios, the issue seems to be (at least in my mind) fear playing a big part in the outcomes. There has been much talk about recent shootings and killings of young black and brown males–senseless killings. The media continually plays and replays the tragedies. It angers family, friends, and loved ones of all parties involved. Shock! Disbelief! Fuel is continually added as each episode is played and replayed. The argument has been made that there is more black-on-black and brown-on-brown killings so why should people get so upset when a police officer kills someone. That (the crime among black-on-black and brown-on-brown) may very well be true. I do not have statistics at this time to say yes or no. What I do know is it all seems to originate from fear. Well maybe a sense of superiority as with a lack of respect on both parts.

For years, blacks and browns have felt mistreated by Caucasians or whites. Because of this, there is a “Stand My Ground Mentality” that is getting and has gotten many killed. Senseless!

For years, police officers and their families have been the victims of unnecessary loss all due to senseless killings. A person fears for their life, always assumes someone has a weapon, and instead of just doing the right thing people have become trigger happy. Shoot first…ask questions later.

I do not condone murder on any level and against any group of people. I abhor racial profiling. I detest the behavior of some after a loss of a loved one…rioting, looting, creating chaos…what does it accomplish? Actually it makes the situation worse.

Is it fear that causes a man to beat down a woman or shoot and kill an innocent child? Is it fear that causes one to do drive-by shootings? Is it fear that causes one to loot and destroy and rob and kill? Is it fear that provokes total disrespect for another human being? Is it fear? Really!

I’ve read numerous articles over the past few years, watched the news, seen the marches that take place, viewed comments by those for and against the behavior of another as it relates to what’s taking place in the world.

I’ve had countless conversations with friends and co-workers listening to their views and expressing my own as to why all of this is taking place. In many cases we’ve agreed to disagree. We realize discussions are a democracy and each person is entitled to their beliefs as they relate to basically anything. What sharing with and listening to others does for me is open my eyes to seeing things from different perspectives.

Lou Rawls did a song many years ago…What’s the matter with the world, has the world gone mad? There’s nothing wrong with the world–it’s just the people that’s in it.

I’m in total agreement with Marvin Gaye–What’s Going On?

Gone are the days of slavery as experienced by our ancestors with slave masters and slaves. Gone are the days of blaming one group for another’s plight in life or discomforts. Gone are the days where we as a people cannot come together, eat together, pray together, play together, watch movies in the same theater, share the same water fountains, use the same restrooms, ride the same transportation services. They are gone! We have a power to change a generation in a positive way! We have the power!!!

We as a people need to get back to the basics which are found in the Bible. None are superior. None are inferior. Respect authority. Respect yourself. Respect your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Respect never goes out of style.

Train our young to be upstanding citizens (and when I say our young, I mean ALL) and bring back respect. Parents, you are accountable. It starts at home. Some things can have a different outcome if we as parents assume our rightful roles and teach love, not hate; teach respect; teach what is right.

Train our officers to not assume…don’t assume because I’m black or brown I am a thug. Don’t watch the movies and assume all people of color are low lifes. Don’t make assumptions about us.

Train our children to do the right thing. I know this does not assure a successful outcome in every case but it is a start. Let’s start! I am so tired of the lost lives be them black, white, brown, Asian, whoever. I am tired of the losses of police officers and am here to say just like all people of color are not evil neither are all police officers. Some are here to serve and protect and take their jobs seriously. I imagine many cry due to the fact that they could not save a life or could not help that person in need. We are all human beings! Let’s be about love, peace, and unity. And it starts with you. Yes, you!

“Lord I am so busy! I spend my days doing this for this one, this for that one and find myself swamped with commitments that I cannot keep! Help ME! I’m tired, frustrated and seem to be spinning my wheels getting nowhere real fast!” Is this you? Do you know someone who uses something similar on a regular basis when discussing their life? There is a huge difference between busy and productive!

TRUTH: God never called us to be busy. There is nowhere in my bible readings, no scriptures that support His asking us to be busy. He did tell us to be fruitful and to multiply. He did tell us to go into all the world teaching, preaching and reaching the lost. He did tell us to help those in need. He did tell us to pray for those that are hurting BUT He never told us to be busy.

We can do the things God has called, chosen us for, and qualified us to do without being busy as a bee. Sometimes we get so busy we can’t even hear our marching orders from our Maker. Sometimes we become so busy that we say we don’t even have time to pray. Too busy!!!

Sometimes we get so busy involved in the affairs or lives of others that we actually end up meddling as opposed to helping or doing God’s will.

Let’s talk about productivity for a moment. A productive person CAN BE busy BUT the difference is a productive person knows when to stop, look, and listen to hear what the Spirit is leading them to do. A productive person will get good sound doctrine or teachings and take the necessary steps to implement resulting in much fruit being born.

A productive person knows that their time is valuable and that “no” is often the only response they need to give; knowing that their steps are ordered by the Lord, a productive person takes and makes time for daily prayer and bible reading and seeks guidance and direction for that 24 hour period.

A productive person plans! A productive person prepares! A productive person networks! A productive person is a powerful person and one who strategizes.

A productive person, unlike a busy person, does not go around singing–Que sera sera, whatever will be will be and because of the fact that they are productive realize that we have a say in what will be.

Let’s get unbusy and become more productive. Life can be so much easier.


Dark clouds seem to loom over your life and you feel hopeless. That job loss, loss of a house, loss of a loved one, or health issues can all be perceived as dark clouds. When children go astray and life completely contradicts that that they have been taught; that too can be perceived as a dark cloud. The bank account being in the red on a continual basis–yes another dark cloud. But are these really dark clouds?

Many have gone through storms in life–literally storms! Thunderstorms where the sky is darkened and they seem to go on forever. It’s during these times that some duck tail and hide. It’s during these storms that many would, like my grandmother would tell us as kids, get real silent “Because the Lord is doing His work”. It is during those storms that some experience loss of electricity for hours and sometimes even days and depending on how long the power outage lasts, loses frozen goods.

It is during these storms that afterwards one breathes a sigh of relief. It is after these storms that many rejoice in the fact that even though it was bad, it could have been worse.

But what about the other storms one endures that causes darkness to loom for what seems like eternity? What about those storms that appear to rob you of your joy, zap you of your energy, steal your excitement, zeal and enthusiasm for life? What about those storms?

Let’s look at the potential silver lining in these times. The job loss may be God redirecting you to start your own business or perhaps He has a better job for you. The loss of a house could be God’s preparation for you for a home; both here on earth and your heavenly home. The loss of a loved one can be an opportunity to thank God for having allowed them to be apart of your life, even if you believe they were taken too soon. The health issue may be God’s nudging that there are some things you need to change in your life to be here for the long haul. It could be His nudging you to take better care of yourself.

The financial issues or the bank account being in the red could be God’s way of leading you to be proactive in the handling of your finances, take classes, develop and maintain a budget.

The bible tells us to train up a child in the way they should go. Once we do that we have fulfilled our God-given assignments as parents. When, or if, they should stray, don’t play the blame game. Instead keep them continually lifted in prayer and trust God to do the turnaround. This can be very hard at times and often requires our letting them go and surrendering them to God over and over and over again BUT never give up on that wayward child. It ain’t over until God says it’s over! Remember that.

While we’re on the subject of wayward children, remember you were most likely one of them and if your parents didn’t give up on you, but rather covered you in prayer, AND God didn’t give up on you, who are you to give up on them?

Behind every dark cloud is a silver lining. Instead of looking at the dark cloud, wallowing and feeling sorry for yourself, look for the silver lining. Look for the blessing in the testing or the blessing in the lesson. Once you’ve found it, implement and see the turnaround that takes place.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. Change and growth takes place when we listen, learn and adhere or take action correcting the issues in our lives we’ve created and trust God to fix the other things. Do your part and trust God to do the rest.

There are some things, no matter how hard we try, that we will be unable to fully comprehend or fix. Let go of those and trust God to mend or fix those issues. Do YOUR part and trust God! Do what you can do and rest in knowing the Creator can and will fix any issues that affect you and yours.

Behind EVERY dark cloud IS a silver lining!


2 ladies talking

“Guess what Mary? I have a library full of books on subjects ranging from A to Z. And, girl I have every exercise tape and pieces of equipment I need to lose weight. And girl, I have several different versions of the Bible as with study guides. Girl, I have closets full of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories to match. No brags, just facts.” Ha!

Well guess what folks, what the speaker isn’t saying is that even though she has all of these items she is barely using any of them. Use it or lose it!

Let’s get real, we take great pleasure in boasting about the newest books or outfits or any of those things mentioned above but what are we honestly doing with them/it?

Having exercise equipment, books, clothing, etc. does absolutely no good if they’re not being utilized. How many of you (don’t raise your hand) can say that you know someone like the speaker talking to Mary? How many of you are that speaker? Be honest with yourself.

Recently discovered that shoes unworn will dry rot. Clothes unused are of no good after awhile to you or anyone else. Books unread will not expand the mind nor help the individual in any way. A Bible and study guides will not help one iota if unread. Exercise equipment and tapes are useless unused.

Osmosis won’t happen by placing books under your pillow girl. It just won’t work. You’d better open that book, use that equipment, wear them doggone clothes and fully utilize all that you have. If you don’t use it you run the risk of definitely losing it.

Those 6 pack abs you’ve worked so hard to get will easily turn to flab if you don’t continue to work aggressively to keep them.

There are some who sang beautifully for years and then they stop. Once they start to sing again, they often find the voice is not what it was and appears to be cracked until they put forth the time and effort into rebuilding it to get it back up to par. Some never do and sound like a hot mess!

Use it or lose it! Don’t take any of it for granted. If not properly, consistently used and maintained on a regular basis, you run the risk of losing it. Don’t let that be you.

And while I’m discussing this, don’t allow the gifts you’ve been given to lie dormant for years. Don’t assume that you can go for years without using those gifts and be as effective as you once were. Use them!”


It seems that sometimes we get stuck in a certain geographical area, areas we consider our “safe” or “comfort zones” and have a fear of moving out of or beyond those parameters we’ve set for ourselves. This can be geographical or preconceived limitations in our minds. Last week I had an “aha” moment. Let me elaborate.

Living in the Southern California area, the opportunities to go and grow are endless. I have been invited to numerous events that I’ve declined. The reason may or may not shock some of you but it has been nothing more than FEAR. Yes, FEAR–False Evidence Appearing Real, that has kept me in certain places or in my comfort zones.

A friend recently invited me to a comedy show that takes place at night. My response was that I do not do night driving alone. Her response was “You’ve got to get out of that”. Now it’s not the driving part that has kept me from going places: It is however, the fact that I have been told by some how dangerous it is to travel alone at night and that has stayed with me. I have been constantly told “You don’t want to walk, drive, or go certain places alone as it’s just too dangerous”. There is a certain element of truth to that, however if we don’t get outside of our comfort zones how will we really know what’s on the other side?

One should exercise some wisdom when doing any of these things be it in California, Louisiana, or any other State. That is a fact. One should not allow fear to keep them from doing things that can enhance or expand their view on life and expose them to the wonderful possibilities.

I’ve discussed the paralyzing fear that keeps some from moving geographically or physically but what about the fear that grips our minds that tells us we cannot go beyond a certain point in life? What about the fear that stops some dead in their tracks that says you are not qualified or good enough to go beyond a certain point? What about the fear that tells you if you move beyond a certain point in life people won’t like you? What about that mind-gripping fear that tells one that this is as good as it gets? What about…what about…what about?

This is the time to squarely look that fear in the face and call it what it is–A liar. This is the time to step outside the comfort zone you have locked yourself in and dare to expand. This is the time to move totally and completely out of your comfort zone and stretch. Yes, this is the time.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do one thing (just one) that has frightened the dickens out of you in the past. Move out and do something that fear has prevented you from doing. Move out of your comfort zone.  You’ll be so glad you did. And, do yet another thing the next week and the week after that and so on until you have conquered the fears in your life. Giants do fall but they don’t if we won’t confront and deal with them. I issue this challenge to you as with myself. Let’s stretch and grow!

FEAR–False Evidence Appearing Real. We’ve got this!

What are you doing to multiply your gifts and talents? You do know that where you are and what you currently have can be multiplied don’t you? I’m sure that you realize that where you are is not your final destination.

So what do I mean by this? First off, when we were each born, we were uniquely and wonderfully made. We had no clue as an infant what we would do or where we would go in life. As we began to age and experience life, we began to see unlimited possibilities: we began to believe that we could be and do a number of things. We began to say as early as elementary school things we would do when we grew up. And many of us began to study in that or those areas.

As we progressed to the teen years or into young adulthood, we learned the necessary skills to help us further our pursuit of our chosen area of interest. We had tunnel vision and focused solely on pursuing that and that alone. But did you know that as you progress and journey towards that particular path you can and should also learn additional things along the way that multiplies your gifts and talents? Yes, it is true.

There is a story found in the word that tells us about the multiplication as with the hiding of talents. A certain nobleman called his servants together and delivered to them a number of pounds when leaving their country. He gave to one ten pounds, to another five pounds and yet to another one pound. I am unsure as to why he did it this way but nevertheless he did. They did know that he would return and the wise ones knew he expected interest or multiplication of that he had given them.

Upon returning to this country, the one who had been given ten had multiplied the ten and now had twenty. The one given five had multiplied the five and now had ten. Sadly, the one who had been given one still only had the one. He did not understand the importance or even the necessity in multiplying his talent. Because of this, the king took the talent from the one and gave it to the one who had ten originally.

What ones does not use, one risks losing it.

It is very crucial to our lives as with the lives of others that we continue to stretch, learn, and grow; that we continue to multiply the gifts and talents given us so that we can be and become all that our Creator intended us to be. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a good plan for us. This only happens when we take what He has given us, study and perfect it and continue to stretch and grow.

What’s some of the benefits of multiplying our gifts and talents?

  1. You will do some things that many sit on the sidelines and only talk about.
  2. You are preparing yourself and your family as with all you come in contact with for generational blessings.
  3. You are leading by example.
  4. You are blessed and really in a position to bless others by sharing your knowledge, wisdom and expertise with others.
  5. You change a generation from those who previously thought “I can’t” to become those who believe “I can” as they have seen it modeled before them not just by a celebrity or a stranger but by someone they know personally.

Philippians 1:6King James Version (KJV)

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:

What is confidence? Webster defines confidence as —

a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something

  • : a feeling or belief that someone or something is good or has the ability to succeed at something

  • : the feeling of being certain that something will happen or that something is true


The scripture above states that we can be CONFIDENT of the fact that He that has begun a good work in you WILL perform it. Tying the scriptural reference and Webster’s together lets us know that CONFIDENCE is believing, without a doubt, that what you begin, you can and will achieve. It is the feeling of being CERTAIN that something will happen.


Have you lost your confidence? Perhaps some things have taken longer than you anticipated and your confidence has started to wane. Perhaps there have been many detours and bumps in the road that has made you question your decision to tackle a task. Perhaps life has given you more twists and turns than you anticipated and you’re having second thoughts about finishing what you start.

Might I make a suggestion? Think about what you started, why you started it, and if you believe this is something that He has placed inside you; something that is your purpose for being here, regain your confidence today and continue to move forward.


You’ve heard the song, well actually there are two: I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired and I Just Can’t Give Up Now. The lyrics to both say that “I’ve come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me the road would be easy and I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me.”


Regain your confidence today!


Characteristics of a confident person include but are not limited to–
  • Sees obstacles as opportunities
  • Sees setbacks as setups for greater
  • Sees perceived problems as a means of finding solutions for the greater good
  • Is optimistic
  • Believes that everything will work out as it should
  • Realizes that our times are in our Creator’s hands and trusts the process
  • Falls down but immediately gets back up; is resilient and learns how to bounce back from a setback
Something wonderful is going to happen for you when you regain your confidence and press in spite of–You will get your fire back and move towards your purpose!


Get ready! Something good’s gonna happen for you!  You’re confident, resilient, and tenacious. It will work if you work it!

Still I rise! Still I rise! Still I rise!

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus; actually the death, burial and resurrection, this should give us hope in our risen Savior but also let us know that in whatever situation we find ourselves, we can rise above and from it.

My life has been far from peachy cream or squeaky clean. I’ve fallen down many times; made innumerable mistakes, but the one thing that causes me to rise each day more determined than the previous one is knowing that falling is apart of the process and I can rise and begin again. And you can as well.

I encourage you today to read in the gospels the story of Jesus death, burial and resurrection; to read the stories of those in the bible who considered themselves unworthy of their calling or purpose but decided and became determined to not only start a venture but to finish it; to read of those whom you admire–of their struggles, falls, ups and downs, as with their tenacity and determination to rise daily in spite of those and in doing so are now living very successful lives.

Today I stress, as in all of my messages, that there is power in numbers; collectively WE have unbelievable, unimaginable power. Once WE begin to tap into the powers WE have, WE will rise and shine like never before.

Today, make the promise to yourself, that you too will rise and as you rise, look up to get guidance and direction from your source, look around to see where your true resources lie and make the connections–those who can help you, and look down to see those that you can help lift as you rise.

I will close this with a part of my story and a poem by Dr. Maya Angelou.

There was a time in my life when I was unemployed or rather not gainfully employed; I was pursuing God’s Storehouse Ministries. My family and I suffered like you wouldn’t believe. People I had helped in so many ways turned their backs on us, walked away and when they did find themselves walking in my direction, crossed over to the other side to avoid having any contact with me. There was one person that I actually helped secure employment with the government that I went to when I realized things were not working out and was in desperate need of a job.  I got so many excuses as to why they could not do it, knowing it was not true. But that’s not the end of that story because what one person won’t do God always has someone lined up who will and after four years I did get the job retaining my grade level and seniority.

Actually, if I had just left I could have gone back to the job after only a year: I wasn’t ready to leave, to move from one state to another as the offers continually came from another state. There’s a message in this as well. Sometimes you have to go to grow!

Let me say this, I share my story to benefit someone else; not to put anyone on blast but to let you know, you can still rise from any sufferings, wrongs, or injustices that have come against you. You can rise from being broke, busted and disgusted. You can rise from losing stuff (yes I said stuff!). You can rise from being lied on, lied to, counted out, talked about, broken promises made by others to you that caused you to look plum foolish as you made promises to others based on the word of man: You can rise from the very pits of hell. Unemployed? You can rise! Crazy children and family? You can rise! Homeless? You can rise! No money or low money? You can rise! Health Issues? You can rise!

I am not broken. I hold no grudges against anyone. I love all. I am whole and I RISE! Let this become your testimony.

It’s time to roll away the tomb and RISE!
Still I Rise 3


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