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     I am so honored to share with you an interview done with gospel recording artist, Lady Benita Shepherd! Read on and get to know this phenomenal artist, this powerful First Lady, mother, daughter and anointed woman of God.                      

 Gospel Recording Artist Lady Benita Shepherd               

I recognize that my project “Lift Me Up” is an integral part of achieving God’s vision for His Kingdom.

  1. What is your most recent project? Tell us a bit about it. The songs on the CD clearly describes a relationship with God. God is seeking true worshipers to worship Him.  John 4: 23-25  The music  originates from a place or worship from within. When I look at the lyrics I would say its inspirational, encouraging and life changing.
  2. Tell us something about yourself. I was born into a family that loved the Lord. I give honor to my father the late Rev. Benjamin Henderson and my mother Ethel Henderson.  My family tree is laden with Pastors and Ministers. My first solo was at the age of 5 years old at Mt. Elam Baptist Church in Heflin, Louisiana. The song was “That’s Alright As Long As I’ve Got a Seat In The Kingdom That’s Alright’. My sister played the piano for me. We practiced daily in our home melodies for heaven and sang every Sunday at church .  I have always had a heart for God’s people. After college at Southern University; I attend Sacramento Theological Seminary and Bible College in Sacramento California where I received my Doctorate of Divinity , Pastoral and Biblical Studies.

I realize that we were created to praise. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.” Psalm 150:6

Through the up’s and downs, the highs and lows, sunshine and rain, sickness and pain, I still have joy.

3. What inspired you to write and produce this CD? My good mentor and friend Mr. Michael J. O’Hara  who is a four time Grammy Nominee, two American Music Awards Nominations, two BMI Awards, and has recorded songs by some of the world’s most notable artist and in movies wrote and inspired me to sing the songs. His credits include Anita Baker’s “Just Because” and “It’s Been You All the Time” and Jody Watley’s “It All Begins with You” and “Commitment of Love”. Mr. O’Hara also penned two songs for a Patti LaBelle’s Christmas album, “The Reason for the Season” and “This Christmas.” I thank Michael for the outpouring of love  motivation and encouragement he has poured into my life.

4. How did you choose the CD title as with the song titles? People today just do music from talent and no anointing. Every song I sing must minister to me before I can minister to God’s people. I heard the Lord say  “And if I be lifted up from the earth , I will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32  The title of my CD is “Lift Me Up”.

5. How has your community responded to your CD? I must add it’s awesome! The 1st CD Release Service was on February 22,2015 at my church Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church in Garland, Texas. I was welcomed, interviewed and CD played at KNON 89.3 KHVN Heaven 97.

6. Has your family members, including your church family been supportive and appreciative of your works? My church family celebrates me during Black History Month and throughout the years at Musical Workshops, etc.

7. Now, you are a First Lady at your church, share with us about your church. Where are you located? Who is the Pastor? Are all welcome to attend? Yes, I wear many hats, I am Lady Benita and the proud wife of Dr. Terrence B. Shepherd, Sr., who is the Pastor of Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, Garland Texas 75040. Our church theme is “We Are Into What God Is Into.” I am also the mother of Terrence Bernard Shepherd, Jr. aka TJ.

8. Tell us your latest news. Are there any new CD’s in the making? Do you plan to add more to this one? This one is a teaser. 🙂 Knowing that one of my gifts is singing I have known all my life that God created me to praise Him. Everything is done in His timing not mine. I possibly may go back in the studio for another song that ministers to my spirit entitled “God’s Got It All In Control.”

9. Where can readers learn more about you, your CD and your church? Readers can like my page on Facebook Lady Benita Shepherd and Mount Moriah Baptist Church, Garland, Texas

10. What do you like to do when not writing and composing songs? I am first and foremost a servant. I am always running for Jesus whether at home, church, school , or work. I am in Administration in Healthcare, I teach interns and externs in various healthcare fields. I am very active in the School District and  sit on the Executive Board. I travel throughout the United States teaching, singing, and sharing the Gospel of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

11. How can the audience contact you if they wish to purchase your CD or to book you for speaking and singing engagements? Contact and Bookings bdhndrsn  or (214)727-8718

12. Please provide your social media links so that our readers can stay in contact with you.

This concludes the interview with Lady Benita Shepherd. I strongly encourage you to purchase the CD for a love offering of $10 by contacting Lady Benita on Facebook, via email or by telephone to the number shown above. Only 3 songs, but they are so powerful! Lady Benita, it was a pleasure interviewing you today! Praying God’s continued blessings and supernatural favor over your life, your ministry, your family and everything and everyone connected to you in this season.

Lady Benita Henderson CD Release Lift Him Up



Raven M. Hunter is a first-time Author of “You Are Not Your Circumstances”, an inspirational speaker and coach, CEO and Founder of Inspiring and Empowering Lives, LLC, and a single mother who has had circumstances that God has helped her to overcome. She wants to encourage and motivate people that they can overcome their circumstances when they put their trust in God. She is a Sunday School Teacher and a minister in training at her church in Jacksonville, Arkansas. She has an annual conference around her book, “You Are Not Your Circumstances” to empower women, men, and children that they are more than their circumstances. She also teaches seminars on Financial Healing, Broken Relationships, Getting You Life Back, and do a seminar that teaches her book, “You Are Not Your Circumstances”.  Raven was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas where she is currently resides with her son.



Raven M Hunter

Book as Keynote Speaker:

Book Review:

“This book is absolutely amazing! Raven, a first time author, uses her transparency as she shares some of her experiences to let the readers know they are NOT their circumstances. I could not put this book down and read it in one day! It was just that powerful! Raven challenges us to look beyond our circumstances, to look beyond what appears to be taking place today and see a brighter future. I love it! I am NOT my circumstances. God is about to heal my lame situation! I am about to give birth. I am breaking out of my prison and  Raven’s book tells me how. Purchase your copy today so that you too can realize “YOU ARE NOT YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES” It was all necessary!”  Regina G. Mixon, Author, Speaker, Coach, Consultant & Publisher
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Expect the best

So what if yesterday the bottom dropped out and everything that could go wrong did go wrong? To add insult to injury, Sister So and So called you up, just at that moment when you were having a hissy fit, and said “I told you that this was going to happen. You knew that man was going to leave you. You knew sooner or later that car would fall apart. You knew that job was just temporary. I told you so!” And you think, if I hear one more “I told you so” or “You’re crazy for doing this, that, or the other while maintaining a cheerful attitude.” or better yet “You’re just too optimistic. Get your head out of the clouds and come back to reality”, you WILL blow a gasket!  Why not remain optimistic and expect the best? What does it cost you?

I can tell you what you will gain by being optimistic, expecting greater, expecting the best…peace of mind, the ability to really rest in believing that though the bottom dropped out yesterday or even today; tomorrow may just be better; the ability to encourage someone else by sharing. The benefits outweigh the alternatives. At least this is what has worked for me…being optimistic and expecting the best.

Okay, so what are those alternatives? Restless nights, no inner peace, self-focus which denies one the privilege of serving others while going through, inner turmoil, thoughts of suicide, barking and biting at people for no real reason…

Zach Cutler writes in the 5 benefits of being optimistic. They are:

  1. Optimistic people see failure as a new start
  2. Optimistic people are expansive
  3. Optimistic people get healthy
  4. Optimistic people spread good vibes
  5. Being optimistic is the best choice.

The scripture even tells us that we are to expect and believe for greater and better. Not in those words, but all throughout it does clearly state this. It also goes on to tell us to cast our cares on the One who can actually handle them; that He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our mind stayed on Him. The Word is such a source of encouragement and inspiration. Read it for yourself Sister So and So and maybe then you will begin to realize why your friend has that optimistic outlook. Chances are she’s read the Word and stands on it. Try it, it might just change you.

I’ll share a true story. I have spoken with a particular person several times throughout the years. This person confesses to not be a believer in God and has emphatically, rather proudly stated this countless times. This particular person has also said throughout the years that he feels his life is not going anywhere and often has thoughts of suicide. Yet he has mocked my and others optimistic attitude due to a strong belief in God. My response was–“Even though I have gone through hell, I still remain optimistic, I expect the best and am hopeful that the future will get brighter. I sleep well. I rest well. (Yes they are two different things.) and if I am in la la land or sleeping, just let me be. As Christopher Williams sang–Don’t wake me I’m dreaming…don’t wake me up til my dream is complete… dreams do manifest.” (And yes, I do keep him lifted in prayer on a regular basis because I once was lost too!)

So again, why not expect the best, be optimistic, expect greater, expect your dreams and visions to manifest? Why not? Hmmm? Something to think about. It sure beats the alternatives.

What if what you’re hoping for doesn’t manifest? Dream a new dream and remain optimistic–Expect the Best! Storms come in all of our lives. It’s how we deal with them that matters.

Reality? The Word is reality. Stand on it!

I share with you my experiences and what works for me. This may or may not work for everyone, but at least it’s worth considering.

If this article inspired or helped you in any way, say so in the comments section or better yet, email me at with your comments. Share your thoughts on the benefits of expecting the best as with your personal experiences.
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Tiffany Washington Bio 09 11 2017-page-001Tiffany Washington Bio 09 11 2017-page-001




“Holiday Gala”

Theme: Mission to Give Life

North Little Rock, AR December 17, 2017- Virtuous Women United will serve as providers to our community by hosting an event to raise awareness and promote solutions to domestic violence. Attendees of this event will have the opportunity to be inspired by a host of dynamic authors and empowering speakers with a balloon release ceremony for victims of domestic violence.

There are so many women and families in the world today needing to be inspired and help with transforming their lives. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic website statistics show 453 victims in Arkansas were served by domestic violence shelters and programs in one day.

It is our goal to mentor and restore the lives of women and children affected by domestic violence.

This event will empower those affected to stand as Real Women Releasing Fear and say “No More Silence”. The kickoff is scheduled December 17, 2017 at the Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom B & C from 5-9pm.

“Tiffany W. Washington, host and founder, understands what its like to rise from defeat to an over-comer. She was a teenage mother at the age of 16. She also witnessed domestic violence during her childhood while experiencing the effects of low self-esteem, emotional ups and downs, and having trusting relationships in her adult life.

She is now an Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, and Domestic Violence Advocate. Tiffany impacts the lives of women globally helping to maximize their full potential. Her mission and commitment to empower through social media since 2012 has shown how God can transform life no matter what experience you’ve face. As a woman of faith, she helps women who are dealing with self-esteem, self-worth issues and building trusting relationships finding a place of peace and value. She was given the vision to empower the lives of others. Her true passion for ministry and assignment of community outreach volunteering at a domestic violence shelter began giving back to her local community. She is committed to this mission.”

Did you like this article?  Support Tiffany by attending the event if you are in the area and share it with your network.
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“Helping Others Pursue their Purpose is MY Passion!”
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Loss of family, friends, and loved ones happen to all of us and one day our loved ones will grieve our loss.  So, how do we get through the process of losing a loved one? It seems like the pain is unbearable and we sometimes feel we can’t go on, but we can.

Individuals and families are consumed with grief during the loss of a loved one, no matter the age or medical condition of the recently departed. Hopefully this article will provide some comfort as you go through the healing process.

I am no expert on this subject: I can only share my thoughts and beliefs with you on ways of coping with the loss of a loved one.

Some things I believe we can do are:

  1. Go through the various stages of loss. We all must go through these until we come to a final stage of acceptance. Yes, the loss is devastating and the stages are necessary for us to able to go on in life.
  2. Do not beat yourself up saying “I could have” or “I should have” or place blame on yourself in any way. Do what you can do while the loved one is here and realize you have no control over the day, the hour or the minute we lose someone or they transition.
  3. Take the time to grieve. Never let anyone tell you how long your process should be. The process varies from person to person.
  4. Join a support group. Connect with others that are suffering from losses of loved ones. Draw strength from them, actually you all are drawing strength from each other.
  5. Don’t isolate or withdraw from other friends and loved ones. This is a time when one really needs their love and support.


Check out what the American Psychological Association has to say about coping with the loss of a loved one…

Coping with the loss of a loved one

Read the rest of this entry »

First off, I want to say thank you to all of those who faithfully read, share and subscribe to my blog. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

There comes a time when one must change up some things to keep it interesting and informative and keep you, the readers, engaged by providing content relevant to and addressing issues you may be facing. Because of this, I will continue to post my regular inspirational, motivational, and educational tips or thoughts each Sunday; however I have now invited other guest bloggers to share their thoughts, ideas and expertise on various subject matters. These posts will be made on Friday’s of each week throughout the end of 2017.

If you have subjects you would like to see addressed or are dealing with issues that you desire to see covered in the blog posts, please comment below and we will address and cover some, if not all of these issues. We are, after all, here to serve you!

Now to share some exciting news! The book has officially launched! “To God be the Glory: The Manifested Glory of God” has officially launched and is available on website for purchase and will be available on Amazon and other online bookstores sometimes this week.

This book was previously subtitled–The Breakthrough. Now we simply state…And You Can See Yours Too!

Why should you buy this book? What can it do for you?

This book contains some “Life’s Lessons Learned the Hard Way” with contributions by myself, Courtney N. Williams and Roz Roberts where we are each totally transparent with mistakes made in relationships, finances, and so many other issues. Reading this will or may prevent you from making some of the very costly mistakes we’ve made; it may keep you from butting your heads against the same wall over and over again until you scream “ouch” from the pains.

Reading this book will also provide you with some helpful information to help you begin again after falling and is covered in the chapter, A New Beginning. The chapter dealing with Tapping Into the Powers Within & Without will help you come to realize that you have so much power available to you to live a successful life.

These and other chapters will show you that it is not too late to begin afresh, prepare, plan for, and live the life God intended you to live.

Order your copy today! Please allow two to three weeks for delivery!

Oh yeah, one last thing, I thought this concluded the series but I was wrong. There’s another one coming…  “To God be the Glory: The Blessings!”  That will come later!

Thank you once again!




Final Cover of The Manifested Glory of God -- Front-page-004 (2)



“To God be the Glory: The Blessings

From Guest Blogger Roz Roberts

So I had taken a break from posting. I felt like I didn’t have much to say for I had said a lot. Well at least I thought, however I came to the conclusion that I need to say more.

So instead of just posting about relationship stuff: I’m going to post more about love ❤️. Yes the things we do for love. The reaction of love. The meaning of love. The feeling of love.

Love is life. Love is what makes you transform and grow in life. On the other hand, lack of love can make a person go crazy; a lack of love can make a person react in negative ways. A lack of love can make you wanna holler and throw up your hands, as brother Marvin said (RIP). Yes he even gave up and got out cause he never got that love from the man he tried to please. I’m not talking about God but his father. Hate is real. Hate took him out. The caused reaction by his actions.

Ke Aloha Love

Love is real. The real test is how you manage that in your life. Many don’t have it or know how to utilize it in their lives.

Look at some of the people you know. They are a larger reflection of how it looks when you don’t have love in your life. Some were raised in an environment where they probably were not told that they were special and loved. So other things took the place of that like ego, money, social status and envy.

It’s important for parents to tell their children how much they love them. It’s important for these children to grow up and learn how to love others unconditionally. It’s important to know how to love yourself when you’re not being honored by others for the highest good.

From now on I will post more love content. Every song has a reference to love, everybody is seeking love in some way. Love is universal.

Today I chose to love ❤️ even when I feel at times it’s a lost cause. Always believe in yourself. Always believe in love. Hang in there.

About Roz-
Roz Roberts is a Lifestylist, Speaker and Consultant who has walked a long and bumpy road to be where she stands today. With a background in the Military, Leadership Training, Human Resources and the Entertainment Industry, Roz has a heavy arsenal of skills and experience to help others to live their best lives, despite the many challenges life can bring by taking a practical and compassionate approach. Roz is also a contributing writer to the book “To God be the Glory: The Manifested Glory of God”.

Do you like what you’ve read? Then follow Roz on her blog post shown above.



It’s common practice for people to say I know this one or that one, but do they really know you? Do we know each other?

When people say this often they are referring to knowing a person during a particular period of time. For example, when reunions take place, be it family reunions or class reunions, many state they “know” someone that they knew only during a certain period of time, but has not been in contact with for years. Many will refer to “knowing” a person from high school, but do they really know you?

If one knew you only during school years and have not communicated with you on a regular basis since then they don’t know you and you honestly don’t know them.

If one knew a person during their 20’s or 30’s or at any period in time but never maintained a relationship with that person beyond that period of time, they honestly don’t know you.

In life, we grow, we change, we go through many things to the point to where who one was in their early years is not who they are or where they are today. The correct phrase to use would be “I knew them”.

People evolve; life happens, marriages, divorces, changes in careers, deaths, sicknesses and so many things that causes one to be in a constant state of changing. That person you say you knew from 10 years ago or even 5 years ago is not or should not be the same person you meet and greet today; there should be change.

If by chance a person has not changed over the years, the find themselves “stuck” in a certain period of time. Even with being “stuck” there should be some change even if it’s minimal.

The same holds true in our relationship with Christ. Do we really know him or can you say at this point “I knew Him”? If at one point in your life you studied the word on a regular basis, attended church regularly, fellowshipped with other believers, had mountain moving faith and suddenly it stopped–Do you really know Him?

In order to know someone or to know Christ, the same principle applies; one must have a steady, constant relationship going with the individual and with the teachings of Christ. Though Christ doesn’t change, we still must constantly feed on the word to say we really know Him.

Do you know me, do you know of me or do you only know me based on a specific period of time? Do you know Christ, do you know of Him or do you only know Him based on a certain period of time that you faithfully served Him.

The good news is–If you don’t know people, you can get to know them; that is if you honestly want to and if you don’t know Christ, you can definitely get to know Him.

In order to know anyone, we must have and maintain a relationship with that person. So, today the questions become: Do you really know me? More importantly: Do you know Him? If not, it’s not too late to really get to know Him.

Falling in love with Jesus is the best thing I’ve ever done! Develop a relationship with Him; fall in love with Him and watch how the relationship really gives you the power that you’ve desired for so long to make whatever changes you need to make to become who you were created to be. It’s not too late.
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Restoration 4

Has it appeared you have been spiraling downwards for a long, long time? Have you  done the best you know how in life and still the downward slippery slope continues? Are you beginning to feel helpless or hopeless? Well, today I have some good news for you! God has given promises throughout His word that He will restore everything that you’ve lost and give you more than you had before!

Yes, after we’ve suffered for a while, God says in His word that He will restore the years that the locusts and the cankerworms and anything else has taken from us. In order to see this, we must return to Him with our whole heart, mind, body and soul. (Joel 2)

Do we have to go through sufferings in life? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It honestly depends on whether these are allowed by God or come as a result by our own actions.

Let’s take a look at the lives of two people we are all familiar with. Let’s see the struggles endured, the promise of restoration given, and restoration actually taking place.

Joseph’s story

You’ve read and heard Joseph’s story countless times. You’ve heard how he went from the pit to the palace. You’ve read and been told of his struggles for many years. The betrayals, the false accusations made against him, people promising to remember him and then only to be forgotten until later.

Joseph was CHOSEN! The things that happened in his life were not mere coincidences nor a series of bad luck. No, they were planned and orchestrated before he was even born. God knew what would happen before it took place and allowed all of this.

The end of the story is Joseph reigned and ruled just as God had promised him. He was totally restored and placed into a position of power.

Job’s story

Job, in the bible, was depicted as perfect and upright; a man who feared God and eschewed evil; a man of great wealth with a large family and possessions and stated to be the greatest man in all men of the east. Yet Job’s life changed and took a downward spiral which lasted for a long time.

His friends and the people thought surely he was not the man of God who he professed to be. His wife even had the audacity to suggest that he curse God and die after losing their children and possessions and even the decline in his health, but Job remained steadfast.

Unbeknown to Job, Satan had gone to God asking permission to touch Job’s life and God allowed it.

If you read to the end of the story, you will see that after a season of testing, trials, and tribulations, God restored EVERYTHING the enemy had stolen from him and gave him more than he had before.

Jeremiah the Prophet

Jeremiah, known as the weeping prophet, was anointed as a prophet to the nations before he was even formed in the womb. (Jeremiah 1:5). When the word of the Lord came to him, the first thing he began to do what to tell God what he could not do. God had already chosen him and it was a done deal.

Jeremiah went later proclaiming the word of God, sharing with the people what the Lord told him to share. Was he embraced and welcomed for sharing nothing but the word of God? Oh no! Instead some plotted to kill him. Yet, because of his calling, he continued to do as God led him to do.

The people forsook God. The people turned away and began to worship false idols. Jeremiah continually reminded them of their need to turn back to their first love as he was led by the Lord

Even through drought, famine, and other disastrous acts taking place, the people continued to rebel.

Let’s fast forward to Jeremiah 33 where God gives His promise of restoration.. Jeremiah tells the people that God merely says “Call to me and I will answer and show you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

God gave a promise that He would bring health and healing but there were conditions attached: Return to Him! Read Jeremiah 33 Did these ever manifest?

In the first two cases, we see where after the sufferings took place and because of their steadfastness, the promises of God manifested and restoration took place. The prophet Jeremiah was mentioned in these writings only to show that even through his obedience to God in merely telling the people what God had spoken to him to share, the people rebelled and insisted on doing it their way. You know the story.

God has given us promises of restoration through His Rhema and written word; promises of restoration. God has given many of us spoken promises of where He is taking us. As John Hagee stated, first comes the promise, then the problems, and finally the provisions.

The truth and nothing but the truth is, if He spoke it to you, it was already done. The process of going through is an often painful one, but God knows and often speaks the end at the beginning.

The questions I want to leave you with are: Has God spoken anything to you as to where He wants you to go? Have or did you answer the call? Has your life turned upside-down since hearing, receiving, and answering the call? Has your faith been tried and tested over and over again? Do you trust God in the good and the bad? Do you believe that ALL things are working together for your good? Are you swift to obey Him and His leadings or do you give lip service? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

The GOOD NEWS is GOD is FAITHFUL and after you have suffered a while, after you have endured the tests, after you’ve stood for what you believe that God has given you, day in and day out, God will SUDDENLY restore absolutely everything the enemy took from you and give you more for your trouble!

The drought and famine is ending! Only believe and obey.

Keep standing! Once delivered, be not entangled in the bondage again. Keep standing and holding to the promises of God. Your time of restoration is on the way!

Galatians 5:1King James Version (KJV)
5 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.
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“This Means War Conference is a great opportunity for those who desire to see doors open to attend and spend 3 days in prayer, praise and worship. If you’re in the Southern California area, won’t you come and join us? THIS MEANS WAR!!!



There is no wasted time


Over time, as we go from one season to the next, we either remain stagnant, grow or learn lessons sometimes the same one over and over again. Which has occurred for you? Have you felt like you’ve spent a season where everything you did was “wasted time”? Well, allow me to assure you there is never any wasted time.

Yes, there are times when we do not live to our highest potential. There are times when we pray, plan, work, learn and NOTHING goes as we thought, hoped or planned. We collaborate, network, develop strategic plans, we do all that we know we can and should do and then…It flops. It is in those seasons or times that we grow…that is, if we are willing to, and wise enough to gain the often difficult lessons learned.

Sometimes it is our season, yet a lack of confidence, a desire to please people, a fear of letting go…all prevent us from moving forward.

If you are in a season of time where things are flourishing and everything you put your hands to meets or exceeds your expectations, enjoy it.

If you are in a season of time where nothing goes as planned, embrace it and learn the lessons.

NO SEASON IS EVER WASTED!  Changes in seasons are necessary.


  1. Is this the right time for me to pursue or move to the next level? If no doors are opening, perhaps the time is not right.
  2. Am I aligned with the right people to proceed with what I aim or aspire to do? If not, perhaps the time is now to connect with the right ones and disconnect from the wrong ones.
  3. Have I gained the knowledge needed to go to the next level? Be honest with yourself. Sometimes we may THINK we’re ready when in reality we’re not. Conversely, sometimes we think we’re not ready when in actuality we are. Know where you are.
  4. Am I mature enough to handle the backlash and negatives that come from my moving forward? Unfortunately this is a by-product of going to the next level. Often this comes from people you must walk away from.
  5. Am I spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially and physically ready to pursue? One has to be fit for the journey. Check where you are.
  6. Have I resolved the issues from my past to progress into the new? One cannot move forward while holding baggage from their past. Before proceeding, resolve any issues from the past that prevents you from walking into the new.
  7. Have I prayed about it, gained clarity, and know what I’m supposed to do in this season of my life? If so, proceed knowing that as you go from one season to the next you will have to repeat the steps shown above.


Enjoy your life! Enjoy the journey! Pursue YOUR purpose PASSIONATELY! Realize that there are no wasted seasons or wasted time. Each season is a time of learning and growing and is 100% necessary.

If you know that it is your time to go forward, please, by all means move forward. If you know this is a season to resolve unfinished issues from your past, do it, If you know that this is your time to gain clarity, more knowledge, and become aligned with a different group of people, don’t delay doing it. This may just be your season!

Actually, it is your season but you decide which one you are in and no season or period of time is wasted, if we learn from each one.
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“This Means War Conference is a great opportunity for those who desire to see doors open to attend and spend 3 days in prayer, praise and worship. If you’re in the Southern California area, won’t you come and join us? THIS MEANS WAR!!!